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  1. fsuipc flaps setting

    Hi Disabled controllers worked. thanks
  2. fsuipc flaps setting

    I shall try that thanks.
  3. fsuipc flaps setting

    Hello I am now having a new problem. I am now trying to set my ailerons. ALL axis's are deleted in P3d. I have no problem calibrating the ailerons except on the same page when I move them, the Throttle axis moves!!! I allready have my Throttles 1 and 2 set and calibrated. So now When I start a flight my throttles go full when I move my yoke!. Any help would be great.
  4. fsuipc flaps setting

    Ok so it was indeed a bunk card. I swapped out for a new one and was able to assign my flaps perfectly. However now I am having difficulty setting up my throttles. They are calibrated in windows fine. So lets say for throttle 2 with reversers on same axis, do I assign to send direct to fsuipc or to fs as noraml axis?
  5. fsuipc flaps setting

    Hello Thomas, I think I have a bunk Leo card. I have a new one coming. Let me report back....
  6. Hello I am having a hell of a time trying to set the flaps detents. I have P3d v3 and the registered version of fsuipc for that. Under the Axis assignment tab I move my lever and it registers. I set it under axis flaps set. Then I jump to joystick calibration. I see my aircraft type ( leveld 767) and 7 detents. I hit the DT tab per the instruction,but when I move my flaps lever none of the numbers move under the set tabs. I have done this successfully before but I cant remember how. Its driving me nuts. I am using a Leo Bodnar board that is calibrated. Danny

    Thanks Pete. D
  8. Hello, right now I am running the regular FSX with the acceleration pack, I have a registered version of FSUIPC (I'm not at home so I dont know which version) and I have all my flight controls assigned perfectly. I want to upgrade to the STEAM edition, however will I have to re assign everything if I upgrade to the latest version of FSUIPC for the SE edition? Thanks for time Danny
  9. Hi I was wondering if anyone nows about level-d767 and fsuipc?