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  1. Problem solved! Wrong assignment of the joystick
  2. Hello guys, last week I changed from MS Sidewinder Precision Pro -Joystick to the HOTAS Warthog joystick and throttle. All buttons , switches and axes are working well- but only the 8-way trim switch on the joystick does not. When I actuate , the screen shows only a flicker. My installation: W10 pro 64; P3D, FSUIPC 4949c 8=P0,38,C65617,0 9=P0,32,C65734,0 10=U0,32,C66416,-1 11=P0,33,C65856,0 12=U0,33,C66416,-1 13=P0,34,C65672,0 14=U0,34,C66416,-1 15=P0,35,C65857,0 16=U0,35,C66416,-1 17=P0,36,C65735,0 18=U0,36,C66416,-1 19=P0,37,C65855,0 20=U0,37,C66416,-1 21=U0,38,C66416,-1 22=P0,39,C65854,0 23=U0,39,C66416,-1
  3. Hi Volker, yes, that was it !!! Many thanks Karl
  4. Hi Volker, Version 9.6 Build 15-January-2015 Regards Karl
  5. Hi, is there a solution meanwhile for the problem: "The folder of Google Earth does not meet the expectation of the operating system" ? FSX and FSC9.6 in admin-mode. Googleearth.exe in C:\prog(86)\google\google earth\client also in admin-mode. 1. FSX boxed 2. FSUIPC 4.939 3. no network 4.FSC 9.6 5. Airac cycle 1602 6. AS boxed 7. W10 Pro The forum-tip: additional reg-entry does not work. Rollback to GE 6.1 not tested, because download not available.