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  1. Confused By Blurring??

    Unfortunately I thought that the textures would be the same resolution as the original FSX stuff.
  2. I installed USA/Canada X textures as per instructions. I also applied the three patch files. My problem is that when I fly 2000ft AGL, or less, the textures near the aircraft are blurred. I thought that there may be some characteristic in FSceneX that I had overlooked so I played with everything from BIOS to fsx/cfg but the textures remained blurred. Then I looked at the new FScene textures sizes and noticed that they were about 8 times smaller. So I compared them in DXTBmp and saw that they were 256x256 versus the original 1024x1024. Just wondering if this is a set of correct observations? Dick
  3. A visual issue with FSX landclass is the desert like appearance of textures in some parts of the world for the Fall/Autumn season. Will FSceneX correct that? Regards, Dick Near 5G8