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  1. Pete I think the problem I have may be caused by the jitter I get in the CH throttles when pushed forward out of the notched idle position. If I calibrate in FSUIPC with forward, idle, and reverse set zones the throttles work as they should and the TOGA activates the armed autothrottle as it should with no cut out. If, however, I increase the power to 40% of N1 before selecting theTOGA (as we are supposed to do) the autothrottle engages and then immediately cuts out. At 40% the throttle jitter is signifiant. I suspect my CH throttles are not what they once were and I will just have to live with not increasing power from idle before selecting the TOGA. I will have my reversers though and can land without breaking limitations.


  2. My CH throttles calibrate fine for thrust reverse with FSUIPC, but the autothrottle disengages as soon as TOGA is engaged. The problem does not occur if I calibrate the throttles with FSX, but then I have no thrust reverse. (My F2 key appears to be dead and I do not know how to breathe life into it.) I would much appreciate knowing if there is a FSUIPC or other fix for this or is my 737 flying to be limited to long dry runways.


  3. Well before abandoning FSX for FS9 I tried running one monitor - the Samsung 30" - as Pete suggested. I am amazed at the difference. The blurries are gone. The stuttering is now quite minimal. But the real difference is in how well the MD-11 performs. A myriad of little things (some not so little) that never worked right are now as they should be. The runnways look longer and the takeoff/landing rolls appear much faster. The two monitors must just be too much for my video card and processor. Maybe I will stick with FSX but, from what Andy says, I guess I am going to need some heavy hardware to get a second monitor running again, although managing popups on one large monitor reduces the need for two.


  4. Wow. This will take a little digesting. Thanks very much. It sounds like my two RAID configured 150 gig drives are not the best and I have always been discouraged from overclocking processors. FS9 would probably suit my purposes for now. Could you tell me if it should run with Vista or Windows 7 (64 bit) or would I have to go back to XP.


  5. Thanks very much Pete for your helpful comments. I run no autogen and no ground or AI traffic with otherwise medium settings. I have not tried one monitor but I will. I gather you think the two monitors (30" and 21") may be too much for my processing power or vedio card.

    I wonder if I would be better to go back to FS9. The MD-11 is available for FS9 in widescreen and, apart from airports, scenery is not very important to me. I have my head in or above the clouds most of the time and I only use the 2D full screen mode. Could I run FS9 with Vista or Windows 7 or would I have to use XP? Is FS9 less demanding such that it might work better on my system where FSX is not doing so well? Or should I bite the bullet and go for the bigger hardware? I do like the big screen. It makes a real difference.


  6. I doubt FSUIPC will hold a solution for my problem, but I would much appreciate any help there might be. I have never been dissapointed here through many years of participating in this hobby.

    Some weeks ago I began using a Samsung 30" widesreen monitor (2560X1600) in a two monitor set up for my FSX box as part of a two box network. I also started flying PMDGs MD-11 for FSX. The 2D cockpit panel is perfect and frame rates are consistently 20-30 (locked). But I get significant stuttering with clouds and ground scenery as well as what I would describe as mid-distant blurries. The stuttering appears only with the MD-11, not with the default aircraft. The blurries are evident with all aircraft. My system is Q6600 2.4 ghz, nVidia 8800 GTS, 4 gigs RAM running Vista 64. The PMDG forum suggests few experience these problems with the MD-11. I have tried a variety of tweaks: bufferpools, bandwidth, etc. to no avail. So I guess the question is what to do. Is there some hardware or software that might overcome my difficulties? Even better, might FSUIPC hold some remedy I have not yet discovered?

    Peter Lowry

  7. Volker, on receiving your response, I spent some more time with this and I now appear to have my three BluePrint airports (KMEM, CYYZ, and KMSP) in FSC. I am not sure what I did - ran the FSC/FSX CFG again and then the manager again - but whatever it was, they showed up. I find the airports in FSC particulary helpful for taxing. I am sorry to have troubled you, but it looks like I am okay for now.


  8. BluePrint Simulations offers some very nice airport addons but FSC does not seem to recognize them. After running the Manager the FS default airports remain. Other commercial and non-commercial addon airports are recognized. Might there be something I could do to fix this?

    (Running FSC 8.5 for FSX with Vista 64 - Q6600 @ 2.4 with 4gs).


  9. The following prompt appears when I try to run the Manager: "copy scenery.cfg from Windows system drive as scenerycfg.fsc to the FSX path". I do not know what this means I should do. I have only one scenery.cfg file which is in the FSX main folder. Could you kindly clarify it for me.

    I have a fresh install of XP and FSX on the FS box (FSUIPC 4/ WideFs 7) in a two computer network where FSC 8.4 runs on the secondary box (WideFS 6.75).


  10. What changed two months ago? At my age two weeks ago is a challenge. However, I tried surpressing/disabling turbuence in both wind and clouds in FSUIPC as you suggested Pete as well as in FS and that may have fixed me. I did three flights today - KMEM/KORD - with different Wx configurations (Stormy Wx, Cold Fronts, and ASA online) with no wind speed problem. I am reluctant to pronouce the problem solved because that would insure it is not, but things are looking much better. Thank you for your interest and suggestions.


  11. Thank you both. I have FSUIPC 4.4 registered (I thought everone did), but I use it primarily for joystick functions. My problem started about two months ago and I have tried FSUIPC smoothing to overcome it with no change. Ultimately I ran the FS repair but then the program would not start. So I reinstalled FSX, but again no change. The only thing that seems to have any positive effect at all is enabling turbulence, but even then the very rapid fluctuation in wind speed persists and screws up the airspeed, the power, the fuel flow, etc. I think it must be a curse.


  12. I would like to know if there is any feature in FSUIPC that might fix this unusual problem.

    For some time I have stuggled with erratic wind direction and speed unlike anything I have experienced in 10 years of flying the sim. The direction goes two degrees back and forth and the speed two knots up and down - constantly, in less than half a second. The IAS and TAS are in the result unstable and if the autopilot/autothrottle are engaged they are unstable.

    The problem can be overcome initially by enabling turbulence (unchecking the box in Options\Display\Wx). But at higher altitutes the wind speed, but not the direction, continues to be erratic. The problem is not continuous but occurs much of the time in a climb or a descent.

    I am flying the PMDG MD-11 but the problem occurs with the default aircraft as well. I run Active Sky Advanced but the problem occurs with FS Wx as well, although significantly not with all of the options.

    I run Vista 32 on two a computer network: Q/6600 2.4, 800 GTS, for the FS box.

    I am defeated in my efforts to resolve the problem and any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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