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  1. I confirm that this 5 year old trick has just allowed me to install FSC10 on a XP PC with which I had problems with "Windows Installer". Thanks a lot to "falconten" Regards
  2. Hello I'm sorry to go back on an old topic but I can't download this version "FSUIPC 3.999z9 from http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html" The following message is displayed: "Not Found The requested URL /beta/FSUIPC.zip was not found on this server. " The cache of the browser is refreshed, I use FireFox and the problem is identical with IE. The link to WideFs 6.995 works well. My current version of FSUIPC is the 3.999z2 recorded of course. I know that FS2004 has been forgotten, but our flight simulation association does not have computers powerful enough for other simulators. Thanks in advance for the answer or possibly a download link that works or a short note to Enrico that could unlock the situation ...
  3. I know Volker but It was just a information that the AIRACS 14/08 also had problems with FSC 8.6 not only with 9.5 :razz:
  4. Hi, Just for info. Same problem here with FSC8.6 and Airac 14/08. I go back Airac 14/07 and all work fine. No bug with FSC 9.5.1 last Build Airac 14/08 . The mysteries of the Computers...
  5. Hi, This error comes likely from FSUIPC View the forum Peter Dowson, the problem is known (for programes running on remote computer eg PLAN G), it is a bug with the new system of registration keys purchased from Simmarket in 2013 Link about the subject for FS2004 http://forum.simflig...999y5-or-later/ Same problem For FSX http://forum.simflig...4859n-or-later/ After downloading the fsuipc.dll and replace the previous version all work fine.
  6. Hi, Thank you Volker our life is not at stake :grin:
  7. Hi, See the answear from Navdata forum :-D: Off Rwy 32L/R, the direction of turn displayed is a function of the FSC9 software rather than the AIRAC update. For example in Level-D with the same AIRAC data the turn is correctly shown to the right. Now this might be because FSC derives its runway directions and data from FSX as per http://forum.navigraph.com/forum/default.aspx?g=posts&t=2272 In any event I don't believe this is an AIRAC issue , but more likely an FSC issue. I suggest taking this up with the FSC developer in their forum.Cheers Ian
  8. Hello, Non non pas de souci l'ILS est bien là, tu dois avoir une scène Corse qui te l'a supprimé.
  9. Hi Luis Maybe you will get more answers, but personally I rename the old folder FSC to FSC86 before launching the new FSC90 setup. On my machine, both versions of FSC work. For now I did not have to worry about flight plans because my FS9.0 version is still under evaluation , I will buy once resolved small registration problems, and some minor bugs. My system 1. FS2004(FS9) 2. FSUIPC 3.90 / WideFS 6.78 3. FS Commander 9.0 build 11/11/2010 Database Manager 9.0 4. download version from FSC website 5. Operating System (Windows XP sp3 on wideclient PC Windows XP sp2 on FS2004 PC)
  10. Very happy for You In Previous setupinstall FSC8.6 copy the file you said, i found the line below in FSCINSTALL.LOG File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\system32\COMCT232.OCX Maybe an uninstaller program or an updater program is the cause of the deletion of this file :mellow:
  11. Hi, UserWP.txt is the same structure in the fsc8.6 database folder than fsc9.0, simply replace the file entirely or select lines you have made in fsc8.6 userwp file and copy it inside fs9.0 userwp file. Save your fs9.0 userwp file before :wink:
  12. Hi, May I ask a silly question, but you've made the database manager?
  13. Hello, Actually a compilation of the new features is highly desired by some users who think that apart from the connection function to GE there is nothing really new in version 9. :wink: Best regards Gerard
  14. Hello, I think many users who later bought FSNAV FSC were surprised at first because the two interfaces work differently. Personally I was in this case, always looking how to zoom in, how to select a pointetc. Now I do not know FSNAV use. With regard to the FMC or FMS designers choice is explained fairly abundantly in the forum and can be read topics before you buy FSC. For my part I do not want to defend anyone, but there are "FMC" that operate "standalone" as "VAS FMC" or "P8R" (Google Search) and are excellent and free. These programs are a good complement to the poor of these aircraft systems, planners such FSC, to name a few FSNAV to do their job of "planners". This is just my opinion. :)
  15. Hi, Thank you Volker. JamesC please See this post on Navdata, Richard gave answer. http://forum.navigraph.com/forum/defaulsts&t=2138
  16. Re, Dominique Page 62 du manuel on parle des segments d'itinéraires et la manière de les faire. Ce manuel est énorme, on ne peut pas tout savoir en un jour :D Page 62 of manual it talks about the segments of routes and how to do. This manual is huge, we can not know everything in one day :D
  17. Hello Dominique, La jonction entre le point d'origine de la STAR et la piste est à chercher dans le menu Flight plan/Open Route segment. Ensuite tu choisis ta piste et le tracé des routes apparaît dans une fenêtre, tu peux alors faire ok et la STAR est alors dessinée jusqu'à la piste. C'est comme pour FSnav, les datas s'arrêtent au point d'entrée de la procédure ensuite les points sont fait manuellement, c'est ce que nous faisions à un moment donné pour les mises à jour. Sous FSC tu peux également faire des "route segments" toi-même et les inclure dans ta database, tout ceci est bien documenté dans le manuel. The junction between the origin point of the STAR and the track is to look in the menu Flightplan / Open Route segment. Then you choose your track and road layout appears in a window, then you can do OK and STAR is then drawn to the track. It's like FSnav, stop in at the data entry point of the procedure then the points are done manually, that's what we were doing at any given time for updates. Under FSC you can also make "road segment" yourself and include them in your database, all this is well documented in the manual.
  18. Hi, Tulga No problem, me too I forget often to read the help.txt or something in manual, We're here to help each :)
  19. Hi, Simply, have you connected FSC with FlightSim (menu GPS)?? In other word, when we are new FSC user, the best way is to read the manual before using the soft :) :)
  20. Of course it is the best way to use every FS9 components... What do you mean by "network server"? IVAO, VATSIM or other server as FShost? If you use FsHost server you need to run AIBridge as explained before. If you use IVAO server with IVAP client, you need to check the two box concerning FSUIPC zone If you use Vatsim, sorry but I don't know his settings... Another thing is to read the post concerning Win 7 install in this forum... Hope this help, be happy :wink:
  21. Hi, I think that you have to buy the registered version because the basic (free) .dll don't allow this "limit TCAS range" setting...
  22. Hi Romair, The FS9 MP connection disable automatically AI trafics... AIBridge allow us to see the real traffic on FsHost or other server(no AI Trafic, but real players connected in the range you have set.) In FSUIPC, always set the "multiplayer range" to "0" (Zéro) as explained in manual. Trafic on IVAO, VATSIM servers are displayed whithout problem and no necessary to use AIBridge.(one color for trafic in FS9 range, and other color for all traffics connected on servers) Hope this help you Sorry for my poor english
  23. Hi Volker, You're right, database rebuilt and all is fine now with this "problem" Sorry for the inconvenience... I am punished because usually it's me who always ask others to read help files :D Regards
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