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  1. Hi, Thank you for this new version of FSC, just installed and some "graphic problem" occur. See below the screen shot the grey lines it seem begin from taxiway...:) These lines appears only in zoom 10 5 3 2 and 1 At zoom 5 3 2 1 a black line appears in center of grey line... Not connected to FS9, no FLP. I have not rebuilt the database Maybe I did not understand something :) zoom 5 3 2 1 a black line appears in center of grey line... Below at Paris Charles de Gaulle 1. FS2004(FS9) 2. FSUIPC / WideFS 3.90 version used 3. FS Commander ver 8.6 and Database Manager 8.6 4. Download version from FScommander web site 5. Operating System XPsp3 Best regards Gérard
  2. Exactely after re-start computer all is ok. In my case I have typed two // before the FR1 url server line saved file and re-start the machine...
  3. Hi Yann, Affirmative the FR1 server is out for long time, but if you imput other server link the FSC system will search it. In my case now the UrlIvao.ini contain this two lines http://fr1.www.ivao.aero/whazzup.txt http://de.www.ivao.aero/whazzup.txt and you can see that FR1 link is disabled. Another thing, in your 2 lines the "." before whazzup is not good, the good character is a "/"
  4. Hi, Thank you Sascha for the explanation and your view point about my suggestion...
  5. Hello, The road segments that exist in FSC are they from a file originally created manually by developers (Volker and Sascha)? Otherwise it would be possible to create via the website or forum FSc, a system of pooling the route segments, assume that those creating "segments" can make them available to the community ...? It is obvious that this has any reason to exist if the updates are regular and properly made according to actual approach maps...
  6. Hi Charles, The answear is YES, but before you must to type your desired callsign in Flight page ( open Window / Options/Flight tab then you see the callsign field on the right. Don't forget to check the box : "Use callsign instead of VID when joining TS" in Window / Options/Online tab Hope this help Regards
  7. As Jean Jacques said, it is necessary to have Fsuipc on the PC running FS2004 and Widefs on the Pc running FSC , the two bought together cost 30 euros...or 20 separately. In all cases, FSC on a second computer is an excellent choice... :wink:
  8. Hi, See this post, they need the information before posting. viewtopic.php?f=155&t=74997&start=0&st=0&sk=t&sd=a Gerard
  9. Hi Volker, Thank you for quick answear :wink: Regards Gérard
  10. Hello, Just for my information: I am using FSC 8.5 Build 230309 for FS 2004 I have downloaded FSC from FsCommander website, not Aerosoft. Some people said me that the last Build is 200409. Maybe this last build is from Aerosoft or is simply an update for FSX or something ?? Thank you in advance Gerard 1. FS2004(FS9) 2. FSUIPC 3.90 / WideFS 6.78 3. FS Commander 8.5 and Database Manager 4. Downloaded version from fscommander website 5. Win XP SP3 home
  11. Hi, I confirm, download VATSIM data display the same DaveB error box but sometime, not 99% :wink: Often the next or second download attempt is ok. Weather and IVAO data's download are right... This post only for information, I'm not disturbed by this "problem" FSc 8.4.1 on second computer WideFs FS9 Fsuipc XP sp2
  12. Hi, Installing fsuipc is not a very hard job, simply open zip file downloaded from shirati website Once file zip opened, extract the fsuipc.dll into folder named "Modules" located in your Flight Simulator directory. Read the textfile in file zip "If you cannot see FSUIPC.DLL in this package it is because you have Windows setr to hide DLL files from you! PLEASE READ THE USER GUIDE. It tells you how to fix your Windows settings!" Regards Gerard
  13. Hi, Here an VAS flp: YMML|-37.6733330000|144.8433330000|17544880 NEVIS|-37.1966670000|143.2716670000|0 BOR|-36.3927780000|140.7419440000|0 JONSY|-35.8894440000|139.9536110000|0 DRINA|-35.4202780000|139.2350000000|0 YPAD|-34.9450000000|138.5305560000|269738292 Hope this help :)
  14. Hello, I have just read the real metar from Montélimar (my city in France) LFLQ Oaci Code METAR: LFLQ 171000Z 36011KT 320V040 9999 FEW013 SCT040 BKN090 04/00 Q1014 Downloaded Metar from FsCommander Menu: Clic on the image to enlarge. Download FSC give the metar 1h before real LFLQ download...maybe that we can see mini difference
  15. Hello, Just to mention one thing: This morning I download the weather and everything goes well, download, reading etc...no error But the problem is that no symbol is displayed, and no METAR either. I downloaded a second time, and then everything was displayed properly... :!: That was just to help it sometimes happens incomprehensible things in this virtual world :wink:
  16. Hello Jean Jacques, Merci de l'info, personnellement j'utilise le caractère "underscore" "_" plutôt que la virgule pour identifier plus précisément les lieux et cela ne pose pas de problème. :wink: Bons vols...
  17. Hi, Try disabling this service in Start -> Control Panel -> Services or by download the utility from: http://www.grc.com/unpnp/unpnp.htm
  18. Hi, With last FSUIPC and WideFs you can now programm PushToTalk button for TS voice soft in remote computer, here : http://www.fskb.net/Wiki.jsp?page=TeamSoteControl Many thanks to Frederik Bilhaut. Regards
  19. Hi, No the capitals are'nt needed. For my part at least...Win XP Home, French 2004 version. Registration FSUIPC WIDEFS, registration an application SB, all fine... Regards Gerard
  20. Hi, Ok Pete i give you that by mail thank you very much for your help and your great job :wink: Regards
  21. Sorry, Pete i use already 1.48 version released on the 8th Sept. There was a probleme with the FS title bar (maybe remembers you, I had sent you some screens shot to this subject) which is fixed, but always this quantity of files beyond 10... If I leave fs with 6 files the system keeps the last files, but it creates 10 others before crushing the old and we have 16 files. If I leave fs with 16 saved files, in the next starting up I have 16 files and it creates 10 news, I have it so 26 etc. etc. If I erase files .flt and .wx of the file " Files Flight Simulator " the system works normally. Any idea? Regards
  22. Hi, It does not work with the French version, of f 2004, the final file is called " Fichiers Flight Simulator " The complete path with Win XP Home : C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Mes Documents\Fichiers Flight Simulator The file shfolder.dll is located in Fs9 folder and also in System32 folder Certainly this French version gives a lot of problem :wink: Thank in advance Regards
  23. Hi, I have made some helps for this topic here: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/gerard.bernard/sbwidefsen.htm Be patient to read entirely the explanation Regards
  24. Hi, On Avsim website there was still it few days last http://ftp.avsim.com/library/sendfile.php?DLID=9851 Regards
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