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  1. Hi, Try to disable XP firewall also try to read explanation here http://perso.wanadoo.fr/gerard.bernard/sbwidefsen.htm Regards
  2. Hi, Try to go to this link located in simclient.com SB forum http://www.simclients.com/forums/search.php then type "position" in the field You will find 17 posts that could help you...especially this http://www.simclients.com/forums/viewtot=position Regards
  3. Hi, Please use RW on the SAME computer where is running SB and everything should go into the order... Regards
  4. [quote="Pete Dowson Or possibly the initial default INI files I supply in the ZIP have this parameter? They shouldn't -- I'll have to check that! Thanks! Pete I confirm that the ZIP file contain .ini files with a "No" by default Regards
  5. Hello, Don't be afraid Peter, it's not good for your age ;-))) I changed by using the button "seesaw" of the joystick and not a normal button and everything goes well now Thank you very much for your explanation... Regards
  6. Hi Pete, Thank you for your very fast answeer but i badly explained myself...sorry my English is poor ;-) The button settled for Rw is not the same settled for brake of course...It is for it that I asked the previous question;-) So i don't understand why there is this problem... Regards
  7. Hello, I settled my Joystick SideWinder Force Feedback Pro (Pc with Fs and WideFs server) by affecting a button to activate transmission towards RogerWilco (Pc client with WideFs client ) and everything works well . However, when I press the button shot (which activates brakes) it engages transmission towards RW hanging 1/4 of second and then even though I remain pressed on the button, the transmition stops. It is annoying, and I would have wanted to know if problem is known and how to proceed to fix it Configured WideClient.ini as : [user] Log=Errors+ ActionKeys=Yes KeySend1=RWon KeySend2=RWoff Configured FSUIPC The shoot button is settled in Fs command tab to activate brake as usually Any suggestions ? Thank you in advance Gerard [/img]
  8. Hi Greeham, Try to read explanation on my website at this page http://perso.wanadoo.fr/gerard.bernard/sbwidefsen.htm Inform us please Regards
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