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  1. Hello,  Today I got a new problem.  My networked cockpit (project magenta) do not communicate with p3dv5.2 sim. New win 10 updates was installed and newest p3d version.

    When I tested my project magenta with its own pmfilechecker it says that


    pmFileCheck Build  93
    Opening Connections

    Windows 10 Home
    Windows Indexing Service is OFF (good)
    User Account Control is ON

    Local Path: C:\Project Magenta

    Checking Computer and User Name
    Local Computer Name: DESKTOP-93JD6US
    Local User Name: mjmak

    FSUIPC/WideFS found!
    FSUIPC Check  0
    FSUIPC Check 0x0
    FSUIPC No Version number Reported! Please Check FSUIPC Installation

    Lat/Lon Undefined
    No data from Flight Simulator, FS doesn't appear to be running!


    I asked project magenta about this and they said : propably not correctly registered widefs or fsuipc.  Well installation went ok and fsuipc looks normal in p3dv5.2

    Any idea?  Never had this kind of problem.



  2. Hello,  I installed new client pc for my sim.  I use p3dv5 and project magenta and windows 10.  Main pc can see all other 3 clients as supposed. Tried firewall off, but does not help.  I can access folders vice versa throught my network. I have reset the network. I don't understand this. Newer had any problem with wideclient?

    What information/log files are needed to help me?

  3. I'm looking for a solution how to configure my Speedbrake lever with fsuipc.  I use P3dv5 and external iocard (opencockpits) usb card for axis movement. Fsuipc reads the axis movement ok.

    The problem is that I would like to add a small range in the beginning of the movement that arms my spoilers.  Lets say from 0 -50 = ARM and 80 - 255 to normal speedbrake action.  Where to find a solution.  I have some noise so I guess I need to add deadzone?  

    I use Project magenta software and many different hardware for my controls.  It seems that something is arming my spolers all the time?

  4. Hi Peter,


    I maybe found an easy solution.  I can attach those inputs to opencockpits axes card card. I does see those as joystick buttons. Then I can use fsuipc to assign them or even FSX own controls, right?  


    See this:




    I use Project Airbus model with modified panel.cfg  , but I bet it has rudder trim as default FSX A321.

  5. Hi,


    I'm looking for help to program my rudder trim knob, rudder trim reset button and corresponding digit values (7-segments) for my Airbus.

    Hardware is soldered and three 7-segment displays are ready.  I'm using FSX and Airbus.  For rudder trim reset I have a push button.

    For rudder trim I have push button to activate trimming left and a button for trimming right. I see continuous pushing makes continuous trimming each direction. 

    I'm a bit confused how to set correct offsets for each buttons. I use opencockpits iocard and its old iocard.exe (not sioc).

    For displays I should find correct offset (write), I assume?

    I'm really happy I someone knows how to proceed.  Thank You so much.



  6. Hi, somehow I have messed up a wideclient program in one of my client computer. Suddenly I could not print from my mcdu module (project magenta & flightdeck solutions) and I updated fsuipc and wideclient.

    Update went ok, but my in my mcdu pc the wideclient program do not start at all. I tried with older wideclient versions but no luck. What went wrong? I use winXP in mcdu pc.

  7. Sorry, I don't know any of those products.

    Go to FSUIPC4's Logging tab, and add the Gear operating offset (0BE8) as an offset to monitor (right-hand side of dialogue). Set the type to U16. Check "Normal Log" below.

    Then reproduce the problem. Look in the FSUIPC4.LOG file. You'll see when the Gear was operated, and if this is from a Client PC on WideFs, it will also tell you which PC it was from, and the Process ID of the program responsible. You can then identify the program by its Process ID in the WideClient log file on that PC (assuming you are using a reasonably recent version of WideClient).



    Hi Peter,

    This is the log. I don't find it there.

    ********* FSUIPC4, Version 4.703 by Pete Dowson *********

    Reading options from "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\FSUIPC4.ini"

    Trying to connect to SimConnect Acc/SP2 Oct07 ...

    User Name="markus makela"

    User Addr="markus.makela@localnet.fi"

    FSUIPC4 Key is provided

    WideFS7 Key is provided

    Running inside FSX on Windows 7 (using SimConnect Acc/SP2 Oct07)

    Module base=61000000

    Wind smoothing fix is fully installed


    78 System time = 09/09/2011 15:00:16

    78 FLT UNC path = "\\MARKUS-PC\Flight Simulator X Files\"

    78 FS UNC path = "\\MARKUS-PC\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\"

    391 LogOptions=00000000 00000009

    391 SimConnect_Open succeeded: waiting to check version okay

    1250 Running in "Microsoft Flight Simulator X", Version: 10.0.61472.0 (SimConnect: 10.0.61259.0)

    1250 Initialising SimConnect data requests now

    1250 FSUIPC Menu entry added

    1281 \\MARKUS-PC\Flight Simulator X Files\eddf.FLT

    1281 \\MARKUS-PC\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\Project Airbus A320-211 Lufthansa\pa320-cfm56-2.AIR

    1844 Monitor IPC:0BE8 (S16) = 0

    29438 Monitor IPC:0BE8 (S16) = 16383

    29438 SimRead: 0BE8="GEAR HANDLE POSITION"

    FLT64: 1.00000023656

    30297 System time = 09/09/2011 15:00:46, Simulator time = 15:00:18 (13:00Z)

    30297 Aircraft="Airbus A320-211 CFM Lufthansa"

    30391 Starting everything now ...

    30484 Advanced Weather Interface Enabled

    [Log closed by user request, and continued in new file]

    67922 System time = 09/09/2011 15:01:24, Simulator time = 15:00:28 (13:00Z)

    67922 *** FSUIPC log file being closed

    Average frame rate for running time of 11 secs = 24.2 fps

    Average weather filter write interval in that time = 1106.2 msecs

    Memory managed: 150 Allocs, 42 Freed

    ********* FSUIPC Log file closed ***********



  8. Have you tried Cockpitsonic support? I don't have such a device here so I don't know what they do.

    If you want to see what they do in FSUIPC just enable IPC logging. But be sure you don't have any other FSUIPC-using applications, as else the Log will be impossible to analyse for that one program.



    Hi Peter,

    Just figured that they had a wrong driver in their site, got it from Thomas Richter from TSR. Brake module needles work now... but I still got this gear up issue. Something forces gear up when I execute both iocard and cockpitsonic driver. I tried different combinations and here is the result of different sequences :

    1. FSX - CS driver = gear up by ? after liftoff. Gear goes up when ALT is < 0 feet?

    2. FSX - iocard = no problem, but when I launch iocard I can hear gear up sound, but gear stays?

    3. FSX - iocard - CS driver = gear up by ? after liftoff. Gear goes up when ALT is < 0 feet?

    4. FSX - CS driver - iocard = gear up right away.

    Before installing all again I ask if there is a solution to figure what's goeing on here.



  9. Hi, I'm having problem with cockpitsonic A320 brake pressure module.

    Should be USB and Plug&play style. This module uses manufacturers own driver.

    It should read braking values from fsuipc. Needles moves when toe/parking brakes acts.

    Well, when I start the driver, needles calibrates oddly. Accu pressure goes full, but left PSI shows

    almost 0 and right almost full. None of needles moves after this at all.

    Strange is that after starting driver, it forces landing gear up???

    How can I setup/see whats goeing with these values?

    I'm a bit desperate with this. Any idea?



  10. Hello,

    I use Project Magenta Airbus software and looking for an offset that is controlling Fs autobraking.

    After landing I see "BRAKE" in low left corner so it is braking as supposed. I would like to assing/config DECEL lights for this action.

    Actually those lights should blink during autobraking, but this is possibly difficult to achieve I guess?

    I tried offset 32F9 bit 1, but it only affected by pressing toebrakes.


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