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  1. Basically from what you’ve indicated it looks like I’m not going to be able to do what I want and sorry if I’m not explaining correctly but just for the sake of clarification I’ll try again

    A: at the moment I use (1) PC, for


    Which has the WideFS Server items in the modules folder

    B: (1) Laptop, for


    Weather Gen Program

    Squawk Box & other Vatsim items

    Laptop has WideFS Client software and client.exe file

    C: (1) Netgear Router, for

    Networking Laptop to PC

    Generally I will run FS2004 alone for casual flying, but if I really want to get into it I plug in the laptop, run WideFS on the Lap once FS2004 is running and use all those peripheral programs via the laptop and WideFS instead of hurting FS2004 by running them

    What I want to do is add a second PC, used the same as the first, running a second FS2004 for second person, use the router and direct IP address for a multiplayer session initiated from one or the other machine and have the laptop connected via WideFS running that peripheral software feeding both machines as if they were one. IE add weather to each, run a separate Squawk Box for each.

    Again I get what you say about those programs only seeing one WideFS but that’s what I thought I could do just have WideFS only want one program and just send it to multiple IPs so that both PCs would get the info, but as I’ve said I get your point about the issues concerning that

    One last question I’m still a little confused about though is where it state's that the server machine can have and see as many clients as it wants but only one client can see one server, what are the multiple clients for? IE I read a post where someone stated having on server and 5 client machings…so what is he using the 5 client machines for ?

  2. Hello Peter and thanks for the quick reply.

    Yeah sorry for the confusion, what I world like to do is run two separate PC's, ie myself on one and another person next to me on the other so that lets say we could be flying together via a network link, yet run all the peripheral programs, such as I mentioned, off one laptop so that the PC’s don’t get the performance hit of programs in the background.

    After looking at it further could this be done if we use the Lap as the server with running a copy of FS2004 but just not being used and then make the two PC’s as the clients with just FSwide running in the background?

    Also I could see that maybe FlightMap wouldn't like this but maybe others would. Guess what I'm trying to do is not have to buy/run a dedicated lap for each PC to run the separate programs.

  3. I have WideFS working fine from my Laptop (clientPC) to my FS2004PC (serverPC) via my router, using it to send/feed info to FS2004 when using it on the PC

    I am looking though at getting a second PC networked via a router and was wondering if I can have the Laptop (clientPC) doing the same for both.

    I read this line in the instructions “Each server can serve many clients, but each client only talks to one server.” From that I would think no, but am I wrong ?

    The whole point of doing this is to use the Laptop to run all the other programs (Squawkbox, FlightMap, Weather and such) so is there a way I can do this ?

  4. Hello Chris

    In FS2004, I've noticed that for the most part I can have a great deal of clouds without much of a FPS hit, until I hit certain ones. Mostly it seems to be the dark ones for storms (sorry, I’m asking because I don’t know the name)

    Is it possible that you can list the clouds that are the most offensive sort of in an order of offense.

    The reason I’m asking I guess is I have one of those machines that is somewhat powerful and I like to fly using real weather. It does a pretty good job with 90% of the simming until I hit some of these clouds and then it creeps to a halt. Since those clouds don’t seem to need much definition I was thinking I could just replace those with the HiFPS versions and leave the rest.


  5. Hello Pete and thanks for such a quick reply, actually I think I found out what the problem is but first just too quickly answer your questions:

    I’m using the latest version of GPSout and also I am using a latest/Reg version of FSUIPC.

    I had set the ini file to use the Com1 port, connected the cables in the correct ports (only have one on both PCs anyway and their setup for Com1) and have matched all the speeds on everything.

    Actually no there is no test option in FlightStar, and this is where I guess I failed to notice where the problem is.

    I guess I should have paid a little more attention when you mentioned that the GPSout is used on "FlightMap w/Moving Map". As FlightStar and FlightMap often get lumped together in discussions, and then I saw a GPS Upload/Download menu on FlightStar I just assumed that this was for realtime GPS interaction when in actuality it is just that, a one time Upload/Download of GPS data such as waypoints, not for “realtime” moving map capability.

    The reason I bought the program is that I am a student pilot and I’m just about to go for my final FAA check ride so I intend to use it for real flight planning but as you can imagine at this point too my brain is getting a little punchy so it was just a mistake on my part.

    Anyway sorry for the trouble and thanks again for the reply.

  6. Hello Mr Dowson.

    I downloaded your GPSout program and am trying to use it with my laptop that has Jeppesens latest version of FlightStar (9.030) program on it but despite everything I have tried it just doesn't seem to want to work.

    I am using my main PC for FS2004, it has no installed modem and is running Win XP Pro. I have activated Com 1 through the BIOS.

    My lap is an HP and is using Com3 for its modem and has Com1 open and is running Win XP Home.

    I have purchased a nullmodem cable and installed it to connect the two.

    I have installed the module in the correct directory and read through all the info in the ini file and have tried every combination it suggests.

    I am using the Com1,Garmin Protocal option on the Jep program but every time I click on the connection button it seems to try for about 5 seconds and just comes back saying, "Couldn't connect to GPS. Press here to try again. Can't get Garmin model/version info." Also I have tried every possible GPS brand option on the program's list but they all fail.

    I believe I am not having a problem with the cable as to check it after I couldn't get it to work I did go through setting up a "Communications cable between two computers" Host/Guest modem connection using the Com1 connections and that works fine.

    Also I have tried the "Simulated GPS" option in the Jep program and that works fine.

    Any ideas?

  7. Thanks for all your help Pete and I'm glad to here that you understand my ranting is not against you.

    BTW just to note that I have been using DX9b for sometime now as well as the recommend WHQL NVidia drivers (via the sims own news page) which at this point are ver 45.23. Also note that as far as DxDig is concerned all the drivers I am using with Dx are WHQL Certified.

    On a positive note, not that it has helped but I did find a really cool program called Batchrun that is a great GUI program for building .bat files. It’s made by the same people who make Cacheman and can be found at: http://www.outertech.com/index.php?_chadbdbc5528a

    Basically I have setup a batch file to first close unwanted programs then open FS9.exe. This way I am sure they get closed even if I forget to close them before running the sim. After creating the startup .bat file I put it in the FS9 directory (not that it needs it but just so I know where it is), created a shortcut to it and put that on my desktop, changed the shortcut name and icon to the FS9 one and no one can tell the diff.

    Of course if you need one of the closed programs after you will have to restart them but at least this way you don't have to remember to close them each time.

    Again this has not solved MY problem but it may help others.

    All thanks Pete.

  8. I sincerely hope I am not coming off argumentive with you directly Pete, I know that I have posted about this before here and I’m sorry to keep harping on you as I know its not your fault but I have spent a great deal of money on building the most up to date machine and on the game and its add-ons only to have it all be completely useless because of this problem, and its inability to be solved, so I am very very frustrated. My only hope is that the jerks at M$ read this and see what they have done.

    No. I don't think it is an FS9 problem but it is between DX9 and video drivers

    As far as that all I can say is if that were true I would have gotten this problem with other games or other FS's.

    This IS not the case, I have used the set up I have for a very long time now and I have never, repeat never had or as of present have this problem with any other game or application under any kind of use or circumstances on my machine....only with FS9.

    I'm sorry, but all the evidence I heard about, and experienced myself, does actually point that way

    Well not in MY case, I have yet to solve this problem and again I have yet to find a post or regard other than yours that state’s a driver has fixed it. I guess the only thing I haven't tried yet is your posted solution of spending a huge amount of time loading and unloading different drivers until I find the Holy Grail of driver that works for me.

    Funny I don’t remember reading that line as a listed requirement needed for being able to run the sim

  9. Just to make note I have posted several times to this board, hinting that FSUIPC was the cause for this problem and in all of my research I fully believe that this is not the case and that I feel it is something in the workings of FS2004 conflicting with DirectX.

    Having said that I do want to point out something else though.

    The black screen problems were know throughout FS2004 testing, always occurring when swtiching between full screen and windowed, or between minimised and windowed, and were solved almost every time by video driver updates. They've never been specifically connected with any add-in, let alone FSUIPC, but obviously you are more likely to be switching back and forth when running IPC application programs.

    So what you are saying Pete is that this problem was "known by Microsoft" and yet the program was released "anyway", without it being completely solved?

    An not to sound rude to you, but please don't tell me that the problem was "thought" to have been solved via a driver update becase it has shown up enough times now with enough people under enough different setups with no one I have seen so far saying they solving it with a different or specific driver, so it obviously it cannot "not" be "solved almost every time", this way.

  10. I tell you I am at my wit's ends with this problem.

    Every time I try to use FSMeteo or ActiveSky wxRE with FS2004 and switch from full screen to box screen or box to full the sim just friggin freezes at a black screen and crashes the program. So long as I'm not using anything the uses FSUIPC its fine.

    I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of, using the new 45.23 drv, installed clean, have closed all the programs I can but IT STILL DOES IT!

    No, I repeat, no other programs or games have this problem or ever did on my machine.

    All programs including FSUIPC are the latest versions and are bought and paid for.

    Please is there anyone who has had this problem and fixed it.

  11. Just wanted to post that I completely fixed the problem I was having with FS2004 crashing while switching screens in XP.

    I had tried the new 45.20 drivers earlier today but while the problem was reduced it was not cured. I then thought about what Pete had mentioned about program's running in the background so I used XP's Taskmanager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) to closed all the programs running it would let me and whalla, no more crashing even under the harshest of switching.

    I then did a rebooted, did it again and wrote down what I was able to close and then checked each program one by one till I found the culprit, which for me was the Windows Office 98 Tool bar!

    I then rebooted again, closed the MS Office Toolbar and flew for 2 straight hours using the GPS, ActiveSky with its voice metar reporting, Squawkbox and its needed patch on VATSIM, Roger Wilco, many opening and closings of Wazzup, many opening and closings of Task Manager to monitor performance and a few trips on the Internet all while switching many many times from min to full screen and back and not one single crash.

    I'm a happy guy.

    Hope this helps others.


  12. My feelings exactly Eatkins, not trying to offend anyone just hoping to find a solution.

    And thank you Pete for the above post, I think your on the right track with your statements. It's the sharing of info like that that helps get stuff like this cleared up.

    I'll give those ideas a try.

    BTW one helper to the problem I have found is the great free program on Pete's site that works very well with FSUIPC called "FSUIPC Run Options" by José Oliveira. Working with FSUIPC it allows you to manage programs to start, run and close with the actions of FSUIPC, greatly reducing the need for screen switching.

    Try it, it works great.


  13. I myself did not really suspect the FSUIPC module itself as I have read of some of these crashes having to do with almost any program "running" or doing something in the background causing this problem.

    More then likely it is a bug with FS9 so the most we can hope for is to make as much info known so that we as users can see if there is a commonality and figure out what the cause and cure could be.

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