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  1. Hi I am using 4.9 FUSIP and Ifly 737 Pro CBE

    The question I have is associated with the Throttles and when you select the Axis Assignment

    The range is ruffly between -16000 and 16000    now when you watch these numbers without moving the Trottles the numbers are not fixed they osculate up and down buy a few hundred numbers.

    I am using a JetMax Throttle quadrant


    This causes the Rev Thrust  to disengage and also the autothrottle  settings to reset to the current throttle setting and then back up to the autothrottle setting  very quickly all the time.


    Now this issue I can stop by increasing the Delta from 1 to around 500  and this solves those issue


    But this issue has only just started to happen and I am trying to find out whats causing the jitter in the first place


    So has anyone got any suggestions as to what may cause this sort of jitter



  2. Hi,  I am flying a FLY 737-800 NG cockpit builders edition


    I am just wanting to setup some switchs and lights on the aft overhead panel of my Simulator


    I can assign switchs tp the left and right.

    But I cant seem to find the offsets to get the Left and Right Align lights  to work correctly


    The below script is what I am currently using


    Any sugestions



    //////START IRS Lights///////////

    Var 0140, name flt_irs_L, Link FSUIPC_INOUT, Offset $94B4, Length 1
      &AFT_IRS_L = TESTBIT &flt_irs_L ,1
    Var 0141, name AFT_IRS_L, Link IOCARD_OUT, Device 8, Output 33             //  AFT IRS Left NAV Light

    Var 0142, name flt_irs_R, Link FSUIPC_INOUT, Offset $94BA, Length 1
      &AFT_IRS_R = TESTBIT &flt_irs_R ,1
    Var 0143, name AFT_IRS_R, Link IOCARD_OUT, Device 8, Output 34             //  AFT IRS Right NAV Light

    /////END IRS Lights////////////

  3. running 4.853

    The wide Client is FS98

    Have also noticed and this may also be the issue that if the file name is long IE Major-Thunderstorms.lua then when you select it using buttons the file under lua is

    luaMajor-Thundersto and after you select it it will not work.

    Dont get me wrong here There is no issue my end as its working just fine for me I just make sure that the name has no spaces and that the file name length is less than 16 charactors.

    However I am happy to help out and to test etc so that you can replicate the issue hour end otherwise you will have no hope of fixing the issue.

    The wideServer dll file date is 14 May 2011

    Wide Client FS98 File Date is 14 May 2011

    These maybe to old and I have not updated them as everything is working well execpt for the above files issue



  4. Using buttons say I setup a lua file called Switch to daylight.lua in the Modules Dir of FSX then I restart FSX and I go to Addons and select it under the lua area where it apears all seems fine, However if I try to press the button in FSWide Client that I am using nothing happens. change the name to Switch-to-daylight.lua reload FSx and reselect the button to the new name then it works.

    hope this clarifiys it for you

    Regards Paul

  5. Also Peter one small issue that with *.lua files

    I did not find this in any of the notes and it may trip people up in the future if you call a lua file say "switch to day.lua" this will not work at all in FSUIPC the file name must NOT have any spaces in the name ie switch-to-day.lua will work.

    I was wondering what I was doing wrong they listed fine and showed up everywhere they were supose to but would not excecute. I looked at your example files and noticed that non had spaces in the name so I tryed removing the spaces and away it went. Just thought I would mention this as it could help other people out.

    Anyway these lua files works really well and is a very quick way to change things with out lots of key strokes.

  6. I have a Similar Question for the buttons

    I have tried to assign the Buttons in FSUIPC addon in FSX and I cant seem to go deaper than one selection/menu

    Ie I would like to setup a few short cuts to occur with the push of a button as a example I would like to change from day to night mode and this involves

    Alt+W+T+N+enter and I cant get past Alt+W I have had a look at the FSUIPC Config.ini in the Modules folder and tried playing with the button setups

    as a Example I have tried 6,p64,8,K87,84,78,13 also just 6,p64,8,K87,84 (with and without comas) but all I end up with is alt+w

    I am hoping this can be done as it saves looking up FSX commands all the time.

    I would also like to load default flights through the buttons as well ( these flights are pre saved flights and I have cut there load name down in size, you can see what I am trying to do by the discriptions below, so is this at all posable and how do I go about this.

    I am not a Programer in any shap or form,

    Pitot Heat and reset flight work just fine, to mention just 2 as these are just one button deep or are FSX Control codes

    I have setup the Wide Client and have setup the screens as below plus the FSUIPC.INI BUTTONS EXAMPLE AS WELL



    0=T"Pitot Heat"

    1=B"Reset Flight"

    2=B"Weather \rClear"

    3=B"Weather \r Rain"

    4=B"Aproach \rKai Tak Night"

    5=B"Change \rto Morning"

    6=B"Change \rto Day"

    7=B"Change \rto Evening"

    8=B"Change \rto Night "

    9=B"Lukla Nepal"

    10=B"Sydney \rYSSY"


    12=B"New York"


    14=B"Queenstown \rNZQN "

    15=B"Perth 03 \rYPPH "

    16=B"Aproach \rKai Tak day "

    17=B"Slew \rup"

    18=B"Slew \rDown"

    19=B" Toggle \r Traffic "

    20=B" "

    21=B" "

    22=B" "

    23=B" "

    24=N"Exit >"

    25=B"Exit FS"

    26=B"Shutdown PCs"

    27=B" "

    28=B" "

    29=B" "

    30=B" "

    31=B" "

    32=B" "

    33=B" "

    34=B" "

    35=B" "

    36=B" "

    37=B" "

    38=B" "

    39=B" "

    40=B" "

    41=B" "

    42=B" "

    43=B" "

    44=B" "

    45=B" "

    46=B" "

    Buttons controls in the FSUPIC.ini file


























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