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  1. feelThere Phenom Glass Reflection Fix

    Hi, I have attached the Phenom Windscreen fix to this thread for all users who may need it. From a distant memory, I believe that this file was once posted within the (now defunct?) feelThere forums, but since there is no author or email listed within the Readme file for users to make reasonable attempts at contacting the owner/author, I felt it OK to attach. Please note, however, that the file is NEITHER my work NOR my intellectual property. Should the posting of this file be against the rules, or should someone object, please remove the file - do know that no offence whatsoever was intended. Best wishes, Fabio phenom windscreen.zip
  2. Thanks all to helped, i have found the right way of doing this. I was just using the the wrong w... What the heck, you can go figure it out too.
  3. Could some kind person please point me in the right direction, unless it's not possible, in which please could someone say so? With thanks, Fabio
  4. Hi, Firstly, apologies for asking a question that has been asked many times before. Whilst I have had registered FSUIPC for many years, I have only recently begun to use and appreciate it, but admittedly I struggle with the interface and settings. Presently, I have V4.949 installed under FSX:SE under Windows 10. I have searched for relevant topics and materials, including the FSUIPC guide, and I have found much to read, yet I am still unable to operate "Mouseview" using FSUIPC (or even in FSX settings and commands). I realise that FSUIPC has support for this function, but I cannot implement it, and I think the basis of my problem is that FSUIPC does not register a button press whenever I press the middle mouse button. However, FSX sees a "Button 3" when I press the same middle mouse button in FSX settings. I'm really looking for a complete "how to" guide in operating Mouseview, such that I can press and hold the middle button, and then pan around the VC (pan not move), and zoom using the wheel also whilst the button is held. Actually, I'm trying to replicate what X-Plane does from the box (except it's the right mouse button rather than the centre mouse button). I hope that you do not think that I was asking before investigating and trying, as I have tried to get this right before asking. With Best Wishes, Fabio

    Hi, I apologise for asking a question that you have in all likelihood made clear in your web page and here in the forum, yet I remain a bit confused about which product to buy FSX-SE. I would like to buy the appropriate FScene product covering all global regions for FSX-SE, so please could you highlight precisely which product to buy? I believe that for FScene Global FSX,FSXSE,P3D,FS9 it is: fsc4x-flt1-tp-4all.exe With many thanks, Fabio
  6. feelThere Phenom Glass Reflection Fix

    Sorry, thought if sent this to the other chap! Please ignore. Great, but I understand that this method gets rid of all reflections, whereas the file from the Dropbox link below gives you some reflections that are very understated. Do try these as well: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8fzrzkgl65bnfrh/FT%20phenom%20windscreen_Reflections.zip
  7. feelThere Phenom Glass Reflection Fix

    I stumbled across another thread elsewhere that offers a different solution. The post is towards the bottom of the thread: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/353525-phenom-100-wilcofeelthere/ Hope this helps! Fabio
  8. feelThere Phenom Glass Reflection Fix

    Thanks, I have PM'd my email to you.
  9. Hi, I know that some amended textures were once available for the excessive glass reflections evident in the Phenom's VC. Does anyone know where a copy of this file is still available for download, or could someone possibly email it to me? Thanks, Fabio