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  1. The Phenom 300 has throttle setting for the various throttle stages -- idle, max, t/o, con/clb, crz. 

    I would like to calibrate my Saitek throttle (I'm just just using one axis to control both engines at this time) to act similar to the way that the flaps detente ranges work.  That is having a "quandrant" of the throttle range set to one of the throttle stages.  Watching YouTube videos of pilots flying the Phenom 300 I can see that they can move the throttles to a particular FADEC position.  Might this be possible with FSUIPC?

    I've searched the forum and reviewed the User Guides pretty well (I think) and didn't find anything as of yet for this particular need.

    Thanks a lot and regards.

  2. Mr. Dowson,

    First, please let me start by thanking you for your generous support of your most excellent product.

    Since this post is related to trim control I thought I would add to it instead of creating a new one. I have been using FSUIPC with WideFS for sometime now and found many answers to my questions in this forum. However, I could use some help in seeing if my "solution" for the inherent trim control issue with flight sim is feasible.

    I use RealTrim in conjunction with FSUIPC (latest version downloaded and installed last week) in an attempt to better provide trim control. I find it most handy to do "gross" trimming with RealTrim, especially during takeoffs and approaches. With RealTrim, one assigns a button to the RealTrim module (not used by FSUIPC) and when pressed it disconnects the FSX trim control and allows one to move the yoke back to center position all the while adjusting the actual trim (in effect "relieving the pressure) and then release the button. It works fine most of the time, but alas, it doesn't provide for the finer control needed to maintain pitch at a constant. At the same time, I also have a Saitek lever assigned to the trim axis in FSUIPC and I use that for "finer" trim control (aircraft.cfg elevator_trim_effectiveness reduced significantly).

    As you can probably surmise, when using RealTrim and then switching to the FSUIPC assigned lever for finer control, the values for the lever are not synced with RealTrim and sometimes using the lever causes great abrupt change in the trim and thus aircraft control and I wind up chasing the VSI.

    My hope is that I can use RealTrim to continue to do "gross" trimming and then use the FSUIPC axis as a trim wheel (trimwheel.lua) and to have an additional FSUIPC button toggle assigned to disconnect the lever assigned trim access so I can trimstop() to "center" the "trimwheel" axis (as it isn't really a wheel, and using the triminc() and trimdec() functions I can see the lever getting max'ed/min'ed out and need to be "centered") and when released, reactivate trimwheel().

    I have researched your posts on "trimoff" and "trimwheel" LUA scripts and tried to get RealTrim to work with FSUIPC, but alas I can't seem to get the "trimwheel" and "trimstop" LUA functions to work with the FSUIPC trim lever and RealTrim button.

    About the only thing I have struggled with in flight sim for years is the pesky trimming especially during takeoff and landing. If someone sold a motorized trim wheel at a reasonable price I would probably buy it, but I don't think any of them are.

    If any of this makes sense, would you have any insight for this. Brutal honesty is perfectly acceptable.

    Thanks for your interest and response.

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