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  1. Hi John

    Well the sweet spot for me appears to be 40% AI, tried a couple of flights with no crashes which is nice 😉 and the amount of AI isn’t too bad although it’s always nice to have more 😀. One other thing I meant to ask, does it matter how many programmes utilise fsuipc at the same time?

    Hope you’re able to find a fix and thanks for your help, if you need any more logs let me know



    ps this is using RC4 on the same computer as P3d 


  2. 1 hour ago, Ray Proudfoot said:

    .......There’s another user on the CTD section on AvSim who had the same three errors as me with v4.5.


    That’d be me (Gandalf) 😁 Looking for help wherever I can. I guessed from your post on Avsim you were the other user Pete mentioned here 😉

  3. Hi Pete 

    Many thanks for your reply. Yes I am getting 3 in a row with the first being a .net error then the 2 fsuipc errors. Also using the latest v4.5 and my win 10 was recently updated.

    Sorry for my ignorance but does AIM OCI use .net? Because as I said earlier I don’t get the crash with it disabled. Guess I should take this over to the AIG board but I’ve read most of that forum and haven’t seen anything about it crashing P3d 

    Anyway, many thanks for your thoughts on this and please post if you have any other ideas although I appreciate that this doesn’t appear to be a fsuipc problem.



  4. 12 minutes ago, John Dowson said:

    Hi Alan,

    does it also crash if you disable Radar Contact?


    Hi John

    Not tried that yet, but it didn’t crash when I disabled AI (AIM OCI) I’ll try the reverse and disable RC, still testing various combinations at the moment. Currently just have Aerosoft Airbus 318/19 package, Radar Contact and AIM OCI installed (along with fsuipc and mkrws)

    To be honest, I don’t believe it’s a fsuipc problem per se, but possibly more to do with bad data being received by fsuipc if that makes sense (as you can probably tell I’m not that computer literate!)



  5. Hi John 

    Many thanks for your reply. Been following other threads with similar problems, don’t have the .bin file you mention. I’ll try the no weather addition to the .ini file and see if that helps.

    As you said, I “think” I only use fsuipc for Radar Contact and I have an unregistered version. Would it be better to upgrade to the paid version?

    The crashes appear random, not at any particular point and I’ve been running the same flight plan. When I say regular it happens about 4 out 5 flights, which as you can appreciate is very frustrating  🙂



  6. Hi

    I've been getting regular crashes with the faulting module showing as FSUIPC. No warning, just the spinning blue wheel and then back to desktop.

    I'm using P3D v4.5, with Aerosoft Airbus 318/319/320/321, Radar Contact, GSX Level2, UK 2000 Gatwick and AIG traffic manager. No other add-ons currently installed or active.

    I've attached the FSUIPC log file and the AppCrashView report.

    Hope you can help

    Kind Regards




    App Crash View.txt

  7. Hi Volker

    I'm also having the same problem, the window was working fine but now just appears minimised in the lower desktop task bar and no amount of persuasion will make it reappear

    I'm using FSC 9.5.1 (aerosoft download)

    FSX gold

    Fsuipc 4.923

    Navigraph air arc 1411 rev1

    Windows 7 pro

    FSC is running on a networked laptop, no problem connecting to FSX and everything is working as it should, just the minimised nav window problem.

    Thanks for any help



  8. Hi Volke


    I'm having a problem saving a flight plan, specifically to Airbus X. I'm using UK2000 Gatwick. When I specify a departure gate and save I get an error message (Error 9) can't save Airbus flightplan, check for discontinuity. Yet when I choose a runway as departure location it saves with no problem. Haven't had that problem with any other airport (so far :-)) I've run the database manager and ensured that the Scenery.cfg was completely up to date. Have done a forum search, but haven't found anything relatind to this type of problem


    I'm using

    FSX Gold edition

    Wide FS (latest)

    FSC 9.5.1_Rev2

    Navigraph Airarc 1411 rev1

    Windows 7 Pro

    DbManager ver9.5


    Any help much appreciated





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