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  1. 13 hours ago, nolan_4_wilson said:

    @FeelThere Do you plan to have clearance delivery as an option to control in the new game?

    "We also plan to release more information, features and screenshots regularly so it's a good idea to follow us by signing up to our newsletter, following us on social media or visit https://feelthere.com/news/ often."

    🙂 Please don't ask about specific features, we wont answer them. We try to release some information every once in a while on the social made channels and in our newsletter.

    Thank you


  2. 4 hours ago, MJKERR said:

    This may be helpful

    I started with Tower 2011
    However my computer would not run Tower 3D

    I purchased a new computer to run Tower 3D

    Could you please provide details for the minimum computer specification required?
    This may be useful in advance for anyone with computer systems that would be border line or would not be able to operate the next version

    At this stage of the development it's impossible to tell the exact requirement. However we plan to add various options to reduce fps hitting features so slower computers should be able to run it too.



  3. 11 hours ago, EliGrim said:

    SP3.3c is from March 2018 if I am not mistaken. To call it "recently" is quite a stretch. 😄😉 Not even your Current Versions Sheet goes back that far!

    However, should other users have a similar question in the future, it might be helpful to include the exact version number of both the website and Steam version in your thread. Just an idea!

    The new Tower version we just announced will have a different philosophy so the naming will be easier. However you've got a valid point and it's taken 🙂 



  4. Dear Folks,

    Finally we can officially announce Tower! Simulator 3, the next version of the Tower! franchise.

    We just released 5 in game screenshots of the upcoming simulator today. We also plan to release more information, features and screenshots regularly so it's a good idea to follow us by signing up to our newsletter, following us on social media or visit https://feelthere.com/news/ often.

    We can confirm the first included airport which is not surprisingly St Thomas (TIST) airport. We will announce more airports in the future as well as the new features. Currently we are not ready to provide any estimated release dates. 

    For screenshots and more information please visit https://feelthere.com/news/

    Thank you


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  5. 9 hours ago, fsafrannek said:

    I purchased my Embraer E-Jets 175 & 195 Add-On through Dovetail Games.  Does this update apply to me and if so how do I access the update files.

    The Dovetail version is the EMB for the Steam version, isn't it?



  6. Dear Folks,

    It's just the naming (this is not the first time we make this mistake) so sorry.
    If the file name include the wording "users" then you get SP3. SP2 had the term "Customer" Indeed we will fix it asap, in the meantime just look for the "users" and then you have the latest.

    Thank you


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  7. Dear Folks,

    We've just released SP3 for the EMB v.3
    We fixed, added the following:
    -latest AS WXR compatibility
    -FD improvements
    -greenish tint should be gone now from the cockpit during night (thanks for the permission to use)
    -modelling issues with the wing

    P3D5 is still not officially supported but the plane was mostly compatible already and some of these fixes would make it even flying better under P3D5

    Any purchase from this announcement will include SP3 and existing FeelThere customers can get their update by re-downloading the product from the same link they received in the purchase email. You need to uninstall the previous version and make a new, clean install of this new version. If you lost your email or having trouble redownloading your product, please contact our support at feelthere.zendesk.com 

    Please keep this topic clean, there will be no support questions answered here.


    Thank you



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