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  1. Tx Thomas, In writing to you it made me think of another possibility related to the TRC Calibration file and all appears to be working.

    It looks like the calibration file was corrupted when I installed the TRC SDK package. The calibration file changes to the SDK directory in the Local user data area. At the time I copied the calibration values from the original calibration file to SDK version. Two General Switch settings section appeared in the file that is labelled as V2.9. Anyway to clear the problem TRCLink has been re-installed and the calibration values copied into the v3.7 calibration file.

    Apologies for taking your time.

    FSUIPC4 and 5 still do a great job with P3D.

    It is nice to see these old Simkits devices still able to work with new Computer hardware running Windows 10. Hopefully Windows 10-32 will be available for a bit longer. I have found the CPU mother board USB devices problematic with the CCU2 card but I have found a solution that works and is not too expensive. 

    Best Regards


  2. *** Moved from FAQ to Support Forum: Please post support requests in the main support forum ***

    Hi Peter, I was wondering if you could help - I have recently refurbished a high schools Simkits Cessna 172 Panel with the CCU2 32 bit controller and Radio Panel. The new computer is an I5 6 core running new copies of Windows 10 32 bit, Prepar3D, SimConnect V3.4., FSUIPC4, TRCLink 3.7, RSCLink, and WideView 3.8 configured as a Server.  it is connected to a new i7 computer running Windows 10-64 and new copies of P3D v4.5.12.30293,  SimConnect V4.5, FSUIPC5 and WideView Client 64 Version 1.0. The aircraft model is the FSX C172 for now.

    it all works well with the exception of the Aircraft Master switch and Light Switches connected to the Simkits CCU  that do not update the status of the Cessna 172 model master Switch and Lights running on the Windows 10-32 bit machine running P3D V3.4.

    The  Aircraft Lights offset 0x0D0C does not change status when the switches are toggled. Offset 0x0D0C does change when the simulated aircraft panel light switches are changed using the mouse. 

    So far my testing has included:

    - Changing the simualted aircraft - No change.
    - Replacing the CCU2 - No Change.
    - Switching off the Windows 10-64 machine and stopping the WideView Server on the Windows 10-32 machine - No Chagne.  

    - Changing Architectrue by running WideClient and TRCLink 3.7 on the Windows 10-32 machine and the  Windows 10-64 running P3DV4.5 with FSUIPC5 WideFS enabled.- Switches connected to CCU2 card work correctly  

    I have tried many things to try and isolate / correct the Simkits Master switch and Aircraft light switches when the Windows 10-32 bit machine is running as the server and the Windows 10-64 as the client. 

    If you have any suggestions on what messages to verify or techniques to track down the fault in the configuration it would be very appreciated. 



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