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  1. Hi,

    I've just reinstalled P3D  on a new hard drive. I have installed aerosoft heathrow and noticed that at terminal 5 all the gates are occupied even on really low traffic settings, I need to go below 5% before the number of aircraft reduces, the rest of the airport is populated appropriately to the traffic settings (so at 10% there are hardly any planes except at terminal 5). I didn't have this issue prior to reinstalling, so am confused as to why this is happening. Any ideas?

    Kind regards

    EDIT: I've also noticed the Paris Charles De Gaulle has a similar problem

  2. Hi,

    I have just installed My Traffic 6 and have noticed that the AI aircraft have a strange 'porpoising' take off behaviour. After taking off the aircraft climb very steeply before quickly leveling off and then climbing again (they repeat this a few times before continuing to climb continuously). Some of the aircraft also seem to use more runway than necessary and therefore accelerate to a very high speed before rotating. Is there a fix for this please?


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