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  1. Got it working now thanks to your help

    The error was going via "Key Presses" - "Control sent when keys pressed"
    then <custom control> and filled in box there.

    Difficult to find out about the "Offset Byte Set" choice. Would never have known if you hadn't sent a picture of your example.

    How do you use the "Offset Byte Togglebits"? Could I toggle 3 (off) and 0 (pushing back). Is it anything like AND or XOR?

    Thanks again


  2. P3dv3, fsuip 4.962, Aerosoft Airbus 320, EZDOK, Windows 10

    All I want to do is pushback and turn. I have spent days reading all the help stuff but can't find a simple answer. It starts to pushback only if shift P is set with the keys in P3D but any number 1 or 2 on keyboard or NUM doesn't start a turn. Tried everything that I can, EZDOK global disable so that I can press NUM 1 and NUM 2 - no luck.

    In FSUIPC, setting Offset 31F4 and Parameter 1 or 2 in the "key presses" tab has no affect, and doing it via a button on the joystick to send 1 or 2 does nothing either.

    Is ground handing 5 software rcbgh-50 the only way?

    Hope you can help.


  3. Thanks Pete


    I think the device is faulty but it's too late to return it but I could check that. Looking inside the box, the moving bits connected to the var resister all work without slack but there must be a designed electronic dead area and I can't see any trimmer pots to alter that.


    I'm assigning in FS and was wondering about that, about getting more control through FSUIPC?



  4. Thanks Reinhard.


    I promise I have read it over and over, but following the instructions doesn't seem to make sense and doesn't work for me. I think the dead zone on my Saitek is just too much for FSUIPC to compensate for. I was thinking of contacting Saitek but probably won't be any use.

    The reason I was changing the .ini file was to try and join the the two places where the Saitek outputs starts, more together in the middle, it doesn't look like FSUIPC can do that. I will persevere with more reading and try to get the best of a bad job.

    Thanks for your help.




  5. Thank you for your reply

    The FS sliders are correct.

    I understand about slope but just for arguments sake I have set it to a straight line.

    When I am in the calibration tag, the in and out values stay at "0" for too long with my yoke system - in other words, if the yoke is moved from from the centre one way, slowly, the "in" value doesn't change for ages, then when it does change and the yoke is moved in the other direction it take age for the "out" value to move from "0". 


    Pressing the middle "set" button copies the values from "in out" to the middle (except I can't put a + value in top line with a - value in the bottom line, but I don't understand what those values do anyway), but the "in out" values still stay at "0" for too long whatever I do. That's why I tried changing the values in the .ini file...



  6. I am trying to narrow the centre dead with ailerons yoke control. At the moment the dead zone is too wide which makes the ailerons very "sloppy". There might be something wrong with my Saitek, but I bought FSUIPC4 to try and correct it. In the manual it gives instructions but it doesn't seem to work. I have tried to set the numbers in the .ini file but they seems to get corrected if they aren't what is expected. What numbers should I try to narrow the gap so that the ailerons work virtually continuously from side to side. 


    At the moment the settings in the .ini file are:




    When in fsx, the FSUIPC "joystick" settings get changed so the the left hand column values are 0 and 250


    setting it:  Aileron=-16193,-1,+1,16192/8  doesn't make it better.  What is the "/8"




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