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  1. Hi Simon, Haven't installed 4 yet so can't help yet but it is good to know you plan to support. Your professionalism and commitment to flight sim is commendable. Cheers, Clayton
  2. Burkhard, if you're not fainting or getting dizzy that's a good thing ( a pacemaker does the trick) but there are medications for this that are quite effective. Failing that: Research is ongoing regarding the effectiveness of several forms of complementary and alternative medical therapies for arrhythmia. Some types of complementary and alternative therapies may be helpful to reduce stress, such as: Yoga Meditation Relaxation techniques Some studies have shown that acupuncture may help reduce irregular heart rates in certain arrhythmias, but further research is needed. The role of omega-3 fatty acids, a nutrient found mostly in fish and supliments, in the prevention and treatment of arrhythmia isn't yet clear. But it appears as though this substance may be helpful in preventing and treating some arrhythmia. Hope you get some treatment soon, Clayton (Psybear) Had to get a new loggin.
  3. Just downloaded. Will report any inconsistencies if there are any. Thanks, Clayton
  4. Hi Burkhard, Seems like it's been quite a while. Will there be a 6.0b? C
  5. Simon, Working fine for me in 3.3. But I had to get a new login as the old one which I've had for years and years suddenly didn't like my password. No reply or help from forum admins either. Maybe they will pay attention now? Clayton