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  1. Popping Sound

    https://nofile.io/f/4QSh9049uyz/FINAL.mp3 please listen to this file. it turns out it's not actually rhythmic (although it usually is) - in this recording it's random but frequent. Also at the minute mark you can hear that it disappears as I change to external views which means it is a problem with the internal sounds. I've tried it on three different audio outputs and despite what I said I can actually hear it even worse on my cheap speakers!
  2. Popping Sound

    I'm afraid I haven't got speakers high quality enough to deliver that level of detail (my headphones are Sennheiser 595s, my speakers were £5). Also both are running out of the same 3.5mm jack anyway so yes it will be coming out of the speakers and as I say it's happened before on a totally different system.
  3. Popping Sound

    Well only because headphones are a higher quality source of audio than my speakers. It's not the headphones - has only ever happened on Flight Sim with various aircraft and I did solve it once years ago but can't remember how.
  4. Popping Sound

    Using FT EJets for P3D v4. When the engines are spooled up, there is a slight popping sound as the sound file loops. I've had this on other aircraft too in the past 15 years of simming and can't remember what the solution was if any - can anybody advise? Audible with headphones. Thanks
  5. Embrear 175 195 feel there prepad 3d v4.1

    Same problem for me, using v4.1.7.22841 https://imgur.com/XYU7fD3 Log attached. Many thanks e170.log EDIT: How very interesting... this actually only happens with my FlyBe livery (https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=197813), nothing else. Please disregard for now whilst I troubleshoot...