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  1. Switching to UT2

    I use UT2 in P3D. How do I use your product to enhance my ai sound? I installed: Traffic3D_Sounds for Prrepar3D V1-2.exe into P3Dv3 simobjects folder Traffic3D_Sounds Tool Box.exe into P3Dv3 main folder First of all for an approx. 600mb file it's install time seems very short (1-2 seconds). Furthermore when I checkd e.g.: D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\SimObjects\UT2 Aircraft\73G. It's soundai folder contains a soundai.cfg with the following modified code: [fltsim] alias=..\Misc\Traffic3D_Sounds\Jets\AI_B737\Soundai However there's no such folder in D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\SimObjects\Misc. So what to do now?
  2. Hello, Hi I bought a subscription to AirNav FS Live Traffic. I also have MyTraffic Pro 5.4c, How do I use the two together? I understand that AirNav FS Live Traffic only uses a subset from Mytraffic (in it's default install). Or will I miss a lot of traffic when I use AirNav FS Live Traffic as I read that only major airliners are contained in the 'life traffic' based on ADSB data. Thanks very much in advance, Rob
  3. My traffic live download limit exceeded ?

    Thanks all. It must have been a misunderstanding on my side. PM send. Rob
  4. My traffic live download limit exceeded ?

    What is this? It must be that we're both not native english speakers. I get the feeling that you're taking the piss out of me? I'm sure you're not meaning that, but you mean you have no solution? Than why offer this in the first place????
  5. My traffic live download limit exceeded ?

    Is this problem already solved. I have the same problem for 3 days at a row now. I did not pay for 6 updates in six months did I?
  6. Upcoming project

    Then you should change the message in log screen. Now it's like you have to change it. Moreover you should iron out the spelling errors.
  7. Upcoming project

    AchillesP, why are you ignoring my post with questions? I'm a paying customer and I think I'm still entitled to support, am I not? Rob
  8. Upcoming project

    And does it also solve the advice about the autogen.xlm? See my post above.
  9. Upcoming project

    Okay the error is about some font. I guess it's expecting a font which isn't in the font library. Second why on earth does this program recommend to to change my autogen.xml (also wrongly spelled: autogen.xlm. There are more spelling errors btw.) It say's: With this in mind: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/317839-simple-stutters-fix-for-fsx/ You've got to be kidding! Is this the performance gain you are selling? I hope sincerely not. Rob
  10. WideFS/FSUIPC + Wireless network

    Thanks Jim, much appreciated!
  11. Hello, I'm rather new to all this and I'd like to install an wireless network between my two PC's. Is a transfer speed of 54Mb/s sufficient for the data transfer of FS9/FSX and application which runs over WideFS/FSUIPC? Thanks in advance! Rob
  12. lost registration

    Hi Pete, Some time ago I registered FSUICP, but due to a HDD crash I lost all registration details. If possible could you semd me a new code/my registration details. thanks Rob de Vries Dorpsplein 54 6931 CZ Westervoort The Netherlands vries.28@hccnet.nl
  13. FSGenesis and FScene Canada and USA

    As a matter of fact any combination of landclass, mesh and FScene replacement works just fine... :lol:
  14. Will there eventually be world-wide coverage?

    Perhaps it would be nice if we were making the "batchapp" request a new topic especially with your fine reward for it.. Make it a 'sticky'