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  1. soundai.cfg...

    Hello, So you don't know the file ContentsError.txt that P3D writes if you check the corresponding parameter in the option panel. It shows you all errors that P3D has just encountered. You should have a look.... The file is recorded in your user profile under \Documents\P3Dx Files
  2. soundai.cfg...

    Other error : [error.93] error=Duplicate Section Name File: C:\P3D\SimObjects\Misc\Traffic3D_Sounds\Props\AI_Dash_8_100\Soundai\soundAI.cfg Section: COMBUSTION.1.06 And I confirm it seems // are missing on all your soundai.cfg files and that generates a lot of error lines.
  3. soundai.cfg...

    Don't ask me why, but now it works I can hear the sounds and I just restarted P3D.... So, when you can, it will be great to fix the soundai.cfg files in the .CAB to not have all the errors detected...
  4. Hello, Alan, it seems you made a mistake in some (maybe all) soundai.cfg. In P3D ContentsError.txt file mistakes are : [error.55] error=Key values exist outside of a section: File:C:\P3D\SimObjects\Misc\Traffic3D_Sounds\Jets\AI_B737\Soundai\soundAI.cfg Key:Boeing 737 (8) [error.56] error=Key values exist outside of a section: File:C:\P3D\SimObjects\Misc\Traffic3D_Sounds\Jets\AI_B737\Soundai\soundAI.cfg Key:Traffic3D_Sounds. "The Next Generation" by Alan Constable [error.57] error=Key values exist outside of a section: File:C:\P3D\SimObjects\Misc\Traffic3D_Sounds\Jets\AI_B737\Soundai\soundAI.cfg Key:All Rights Reserved! [error.58] error=Key values exist outside of a section: File:C:\P3D\SimObjects\Misc\Traffic3D_Sounds\Jets\AI_B737\Soundai\soundAI.cfg Key:Please Note! These sounds are for AI Aircraft Only!! Comments at the top should have been written after // //Boeing 737 (8) //Traffic3D_Sounds. "The Next Generation" by Alan Constable //All Rights Reserved! //Please Note! These sounds are for AI Aircraft Only!! I guess you forgot to check. Can you modify the CAB files please. Also, I bought your sounds and didn't succeed to hear something. Here's a soundai.cfg as an exemple of what I've done. I use my own traffic files collected from varied sources FBAI, IAG.... [FLTSIM] //alias=..\Airplanes\mavecreations_AI_Sounds\A320 CFM\soundai alias=C:\P3D\SimObjects\Misc\Traffic3D_Sounds\Jets\AI_Airbus_319\Soundai Sound_LOD =0 in my P3D.cfg I use P3D v4 Hotfix 1 ( And other sounds from mavecreations.... work fine. And finally, I'm a bit dissapointed to not have found some aircrafts, for example A320 with IAE engines, B767.... I hope you'll add them in the close future. Kind regards, Michel
  5. Hello, Do you know if there's a bundle with a special price for buying FSUIPC5 and WideFS7 together? Thanks in advance, Michel
  6. Hi, So I updated to the last FSUIPC and WideFS versions, 4958 + 4958f and 6999z2. I thought I was OK first because at first run of P3D, programs on PC Instruments showed the value of PC Visu (master with P3D). I ran again P3D and instruments showed values of the PC over Internet, so not for the good aircraft like before the update. Anyway you have all the datas zipped by PC. It has been recorded after the problem occurs again. On PC Supervision I have a program to record time of use based on some offsets and it works fine. Hope it could help to find what's wrong. pc visu.zip pc supervision.zip pc instruments.zip
  7. Thank you Pete!!! I'll try on next Saturday as the simulator is not in my home. I didn't update P3D for now because it requires several changes on all the PC (AS Next....) and tests and I don't have time to do it. But I will, I guess during Christmast holidays ;-) Anyway, I'll check with 4.958f version and let you know what User ID it receives. Thank you to be always there to help and improve things if necessary.
  8. Don't be sorry. It's due to my bad English. :-) Yes, the values are provided by the distant PC over Internet and not the one that I made the setup for. But only when I'm connected in a Multiplayer session. The values come from the right PC (in the local network) when I'm not in multiplayer mode. Sorry I don't have the log files at the moment, but I remember to have set PC name instead of IP address. The all 4 PCs have different names. Maybe I'll have to force by IP address in the config files... Thanks
  9. Hello, I tried today to fly in the multiplayer session with 2 distant PC on P3D v3.2 and via Internet (connected directly by IP). The server for the session was a PC without Wide FS. The client was on a setup with 3 PC connected via Wide FS. I made some programs to display instruments on a remote PC. These programs are in C using IPC and FSUIPC libraries (definitions... in IPCuser.h, IPCuser.c, FSUIPC_User.h). Everything works fine until I connect to multiplayer. Since I'm connected the displayed values on the instruments are those of the aircraft on the server PC for the session. Did you experienced such a behaviuour? Did I made a mistake in the programs?
  10. Floating offset remain at 0 with WideFS

    Thank you Pete for your answer. Yes, I checked these files, everything was connected. Wide Server showed all the applications. Finally I checked the firewall on the remote PC and it was activated though I set it off. I don't know why it has been activated again, but anyway it works fine now like before. I don't know why just the floating variables were concerned. Maybe they use other ports not set by default... I have another problem but not related to this problem. I'll post another message. Thanks again.
  11. Hello, I've a problem with WideFS since a non desired reboot of all the 3 PCs of my network while P3D was running. It worked well before this event. I upgraded to the last version of both FSUIPC and WideFS and for all PCs. Now, I can't see offset like ground speed and rpm changing on only one remote PC. These offset remain at 0 on this remote PC, except offsets like pause is updating with the correct value. On the other remote PC rpm is read perfectly. I can see that with FSInterrogate of program developped with SDK. On the server PC with P3D v3.2, FSInterrogate show me that all the offset are changing. I tried to compare ini files in the Widecleint directory but there's no difference with the backup. What could be wrong ? Thanks in advance
  12. FSUIPC_User.lib with wxDev-C++

    I don't know, I'll check that. Thank you mgh! Anyway if it's the right explanation, I'll go on with the source as it works fine.
  13. Hello I'm using wxDev-C++ using MingW gcc, a C compiler to make standalone gauges and I had problem using FSUIPC.lib. It seems the linker doesn't find the routines in the lib or its compilation is not compatible. I had to include the source IPCuser.c and .h to make it works. The lib is a part of the UIPC_SDK_C.zip file. It's not really a problem but I wanted to understand. Anyway thank you very much Pete to have included the sources and for everything you do for us. Regards Michel