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  1. Content Errors P3DV4 hotfix 1

    So after deleting the Prepar3D.cfg everything seems to be OK. No more content errors. When I said there a lot of mystery in all this stuff. Thanks Pete for your time. Cheers Claude Edit.. No mystery at all ! the error disapears because the "report content errors" was unchecked in the new Prepar3D.cfg
  2. Content Errors P3DV4 hotfix 1

    On Could it be a problem introduced with the fix in bold ? Claude
  3. Content Errors P3DV4 hotfix 1

    I changed the payload in the default plane ... 170 to 171 pounds for the pilot, I also changed the center tank to 50%. No problem at all. Claude
  4. Content Errors P3DV4 hotfix 1

    Yes I understand, but why is there no error when FSUIPC is disable ? I have this behavior as soon as I updated the P3DV4 client. I also updated the P3DV4 content thinking it will fix the problem. Yes before posting I updated to 5.103. Data processing is sometimes mysterious, and it is not necessarily a FSUIPC problem. Claude
  5. Bonjour Pete, Since I updated P3DV4 to hotfix 1, when I quit the simulator, I have a message which indicate there is a content error telling me to look into the ContentErrors.txt. This txt file is full of: [error.0] error=Payload station indexes should be between 1 - Number of Stations [error.1] error=Payload station indexes should be between 1 - Number of Stations [error.2] error=Payload station indexes should be between 1 - Number of Stations etc..... When FSUIPC is disable, no error message. Nothing specific in the FSUIPC log. I also tried with a new FSUIPC ini. Strange! Any idea ? Cheers Claude
  6. RZ axis assignement X52 PRO stick

    Hello, No assignement in P3D an same behavior with controllers disabled in P3D I tried using the raw mode and it is OK. I did not try it before because I thought that as the range is 0 1024, it was not possible. After that I decided to delete all the registry entries of my X52 PRO, and after repluging it, everything was OK even if the mode is not raw. Merci Cheers Claude
  7. RZ axis assignement X52 PRO stick

    Thanks ... I really do not see what can produce because this only for the Z rotation axis. I only have P3D, no other game and everything is good in P3D and in the windows game controller. I will use another axe for the steering tiller. Claude
  8. Bonjour Pete, As I was setting the steering tiller using the Z rotation axis of my X52 PRO stick, I ran into problems. 1 In windows 7 the controller propreties shows a perfect behavior. 2 In P3D V3.4, no problem at all the Rz axis calibration is OK. 3 In FSUIPC the axis assignement in raw mode is perfect, with the same values than with P3D. 4 In FSUIPC when raw mode is disabled the behavior is erratic and the value displayed (in and out) are not correct concerning the center, and the range. With the other axes of my X52 PRO, I have no problem. Only the Rz axis seems to be wrong. What can I do to make more investigations. Thanks ! FSUIPC 4.962 - P3D V3.4 - Default A/C Cheers Claude
  9. Error while installing server.

  10. Error while installing server.

    As you said that the simulator automatically adds "Scenery" to the "Local" keyword in scenery.cfg whenever it uses that scenery library entry, I thought the sim could adds "Scenery" again. In fact I mean to say side effect... not board effect. (In french we say effet de bord) For example a code which knows that the sim adds "Scenery" to the "Local" keywork can takes this factor into account to determine the right path, as I have deleted the word "Scenery", it could be confused. Cheers Claude
  11. Error while installing server.

    Hi Simon, Thanks... It works... but I understand that "Scenery" can come back when the simulator use this entry. Is there not a risk of board effect for other products when deleting "Scenery" in the path ? Cheers Claude
  12. Error while installing server.

    Bonsoir Simon, Here is the entry. The folder" C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\pilots_software\AFM\scenery" is present on the disk and contains a file named "710c05e7-29c9-4cd8-b228-781aa029d9ba.bgl" Cheers Claude
  13. Error while installing server.

    Bonjour, I am in the process of installing STB for P3D and I have this problem on the server side. During the airport database build I have a dialog box with this message: Folder c:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\PILOTS_Software\AFM\scenery\Scenery does not exist for library entry [Area.175]: AFM - Aerodrome Flattening Meshes My meshes are the last one from Pilot's "FS Global Ultimate Next Generation" Any idea ? Thanks Merci Claude
  14. Traffic limiter facility and TrafficLook

    Thank you Pete for the clarification. The advantage of TrafficLook is that it can be run on a remote computer through WideFS. It doesn't seem to be possible with Traffic Explorer. So if I set TrafficLimit under (2X 96) there is no risk. Cheers Claude
  15. Bonjour, For Information. As I was experimenting the new traffic limiter facility, I noticed that the total number of AI traffic in 0X025C is different than the sum of ground and airborn traffic in TrafficLook. For example 55 in 0X025C and 28 in TrafficLook. The number in 0X025C is alway higher than the one found in TrafficLook. May be there is a logical explanation for this behaviour. Cheers Claude