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  1. Bonjour Pete, May be your informed opinion could help me understand this: -Same computer -Two disk with the same OS windows 7, one for P3D stable, and the other for development and test. On one system the restart of P3D on the fly is very quick, on the other it is very long. I don't see any reason for that, so if you have an idea ? FSUIPC log Quick Load between 1966 and 1778 Long Load between 24008 and 1934 Merci Cheers Claude
  2. 😃😃 Everything seems to be OK now and FSIPanel is happy with the new runways files. Again thank you very much Pete. Claude
  3. Hi Pete, Thank you very much, the airport magvar are now well reflected for each runway, but in the runways.xml, it seems that the <Hdg> and <ILSHdg> tags don't reflect the correct magnetic heading, and whatever the magvar is, these value don't change. Cheers Claude
  4. Thank you Pete. You don't have to apologyze. You make such a great job for the world of FSX... P3D. Take your time to fix the problem. I wish you nice holidays. Cheers Claude
  5. Yes all airports have this problem. I only change the MagVar in the global airport section and it was reflected by MakeRwys for all the runways. In fact I do not find any MagVar data in the runway subrecord. Where is this data ? Claude
  6. Hi Pete, I made a mistake! In fact with fsaerodata, the MagVar should be 0.780 I investigate with an hexa editor in the different files. - In the files situated in the 3 sceneries at the top, the MagVar is coded as 0.780 - But in the file APX48140.bgl (provided by fsaerodata) they did not change the initial P3D MagVar, and is -2.00 That explain the difference in the files generated by MakeRwys. Now if I modify the fsaerodata APX48140.bgl with the correct MagVar 0.780 instead of -2.00 then all the date made by MakeRwys are coherent and FSIPanel is happy. When FSIPanel is not happy the A/C is positionned far to the left or the right of the runway axe and after the A/P doesn't capture the ILS (PMDG 737 NGX) I am going to send an email to fsaerodata asking them why there is an inconsistency, between the MagVar values in their files. I hope they will not say that the MagVar in the top sceneries must overide the one in the APX48140.bgl. Again thank you for helping me to understand where the problem was. Cheers Claude
  7. Bonjour Pete, So the infos are for LFPO MakeRnwys detects LFPO airport in 4 files, the last three, which are at the top of the sceneries doesn't have any MagVar at all. Cheers Claude
  8. I perfectly understand. -2.00 is expected. I tried too and the file looks strange, but I think it is in this file (or the other two) that MakeRwys find the wrong value 0.78 associated with the airport. But is it really an airport ? When the 3 sceneries are not active then MakeRwys find the correct value in Scenery\0601\scenery\APX48140.bgl. This file is also provided by fsaerodata and overwrite de initial one. Claude
  9. I know that with aero.sors the problem is identical. https://www.fsipanel.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&amp;t=233 That means the problem is not in the data provided by aero.sor and fsaerodata. As the problem doesn't seem to be with MakeRwys, I am going to check again with FSIPanel. Nevertheless I'll try the aero.sors data and let you know. Merci Claude
  10. I agree with you. That is incomprehensible. OK I attach them. Thanks Claude FSAD_comms.BGL LFPO.BGL LFPO_SIDS.BGL
  11. Continuing the investigation I found that fsaerodata adds 4 sceneries at the top Extract of MakeRwys_Scenery.cfg If one of FSAD_Approaches, FSAD_Approaches1 or FSAD_Comms is active then Runways.xml (LFPO data) is construct with the first one which is active. If none is active the data from the standard BGL file "Scenery\0601\scenery\APX48140.bgl" is used. In all case Runways.txt and I suppose r4.csv are built using the standard BGL file "Scenery\0601\scenery\APX48140.bgl" Cheers Claude
  12. What is strange is that the bgl file detected in the runway. txt and in the runway.xml is not the same. See my first post Claude
  13. Hi Pete, So I deleted three files . r4.csv, Runways.xml and Runways.txt. I then run MakeRwys and for LFPO - In r4.csv the MagVar is -2.00 - In Runways.txt MagVar is -2.00 - In Runways.xml MagVar is 0.780 The three files have the same "Date modified" value. Without fsaerodata all the MagVar values are equal to -2.00 Cheers Claude
  14. Bonjour Pete and John, May be you can help ! I have just installed fsaerodata and it confuse FSIPanel, which use MakeRwys to build it's own database. Investigating the problem, I compared the runway.xml, and I found a difference in the magvar data. For LFPO it is -2.00 without fsaerodata and 0.780 with it. Nevertheless if I compare the two runway.txt (with and without fsaerodata), i do not see any difference both are at -2.00. **** Runway.txt --- with fsaerodata **** Airport LFPO :N48:43:23.9967 E002:22:45.9997 291ft Country Name="France" State Name="" City Name="Paris" Airport Name="Orly" in file: Scenery\0601\scenery\APX48140.bgl Runway 6 /24 centre: N48:43:39.9347 E002:20:20.1818 291ft Start 6 : N48:43:12.9826 E002:19:03.9770 291ft Hdg: 61.8T, Length 11961ft Computed start 6 : Lat 48.720020 Long 2.317014 Offset Threshold primary: 984 feet Start 24 : N48:44:06.8868 E002:21:36.3851 291ft Hdg: 241.8T, Length 11961ft Computed start 24 : Lat 48.735500 Long 2.360865 Hdg: 61.840 true (MagVar -2.000), Concrete, 11961 x 148 ft **** Runway.xml --- with fsaerodata **** <ICAO id="LFPO"> <ICAOName>Orly</ICAOName> <Country>France</Country> <City>Paris</City> <File>C:\Users\Troncy\Documents\fsAerodata Files\Navigation Data\Comms\scenery\FSAD_comms.BGL</File> <SceneryName>FSAD_Comms</SceneryName> <Longitude>2.379441</Longitude> <Latitude>48.723324</Latitude> <Altitude>291</Altitude> <MagVar>0.780</MagVar> *** In R4.csv --- with fsaerodata **** The magvar is the same than the one in runway.txt but different thank the one in runway.xml LFPO,0020,48.717541,2.376687,291,20.340,7866,110.30,197,-2.000,48.727779,2.381833,0 I do not know if it is the source of the problem for FSIPanel, but is there something which could explain the difference between the xml and the txt file for the magvar data. Thanks for youy help Cheers Claude
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