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  2. crbascott

    Loading stops at 9% on MP

    You mean, the third bullet point?
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  4. alaskaGuy2018

    CYVR gate issue

    I have noticed that terminal C has gates that have jet ways that no plane will go to , there is a jetway to go to a plane but every time I try to put a plane in that terminal the planes get put elsewhere and not at that gate I will take a screen shot tomorrow and post that to
  5. No worries. You'll see from my earlier post I ran my test with and no crash on two separate tests.
  6. FeelThere Ariel

    Loading stops at 9% on MP

    Have you verified that both of you have the same version of T3DP and addons?
  7. Hi Ray, I have not. Not enough time on the weekends unfortunately.
  8. Yesterday
  9. 45=CR(-3,29)3,2,C65879,0 -{HEADING_BUG_INC}- 46=CR(-3,29)3,8,C65880,0 -{HEADING_BUG_DEC}- 47=CR(+3,29)3,2,C65663,0 -{VOR1_OBI_INC}- 48=CR(+3,29)3,8,C65662,0 -{VOR1_OBI_DEC}- Yes, I 🤓 too have been guilty of this: 45=CR(-3,29)R3,2,C65879,0 -{HEADING_BUG_INC}- 46=CR(-3,29)R3,8,C65880,0 -{HEADING_BUG_DEC}- 47=CR(+3,29)R3,2,C65663,0 -{VOR1_OBI_INC}- 48=CR(+3,29)R3,8,C65662,0 -{VOR1_OBI_DEC}- And this: 45=CR(-3,29)3,2,C65879,0 -{HEADING_BUG_INC}- 46=CR(-3,29)3,8,C65880,0 -{HEADING_BUG_DEC}- 46=CR(+3,29)3,2,C65663,0 -{VOR1_OBI_INC}- 47=CR(+3,29)3,8,C65662,0 -{VOR1_OBI_DEC}- And this: 45=CR(-29,-3)3,2,C65879,0 -{HEADING_BUG_INC}- 46=CR(-29,-3)3,8,C65880,0 -{HEADING_BUG_DEC}- 47=CR(+29,3)3,2,C65663,0 -{VOR1_OBI_INC}- 48=CR(+29,3)3,8,C65662,0 -{VOR1_OBI_DEC}- 😠
  10. Roman, Thank you for your reply, and for fixing my issue. It is clear to me now, of course. I am using the Milviz C310; your advice on testing with stock aircraft FIRST is noted.
  11. For the first part - It looks like you may have a syntax error that FSUIPC doesn't catch, you are using a "repeat" modifier in the second half of the compound code. None of my compounds have this. Perhaps having this negates the original "CR" in the first part of the compound code. 45=CR(-3,29)R3,2,C65879,0 -{HEADING_BUG_INC}- 46=CR(-3,29)R3,8,C65880,0 -{HEADING_BUG_DEC}- 47=CR(+3,29)R3,2,C65663,0 -{VOR1_OBI_INC}- 48=CR(+3,29)R3,8,C65662,0 -{VOR1_OBI_DEC}- Maybe (?) this will work - 45=CR(-3,29)3,2,C65879,0 -{HEADING_BUG_INC}- 46=CR(-3,29)3,8,C65880,0 -{HEADING_BUG_DEC}- 47=CR(+3,29)3,2,C65663,0 -{VOR1_OBI_INC}- 48=CR(+3,29)3,8,C65662,0 -{VOR1_OBI_DEC}- For the second part - I see that you are using profiles and that particular profile is for the 310, perhaps the Milviz C310? I do not have that model from them so cannot test. I can bet apples to oranges that they are not using standard FS type coding, rather using L:Vars instead. (many designers do use L:Vars, specially for heading) My advice? Try your compound code with something stock and non-complex such as the 172 or Baron. If it works for the 172 / Baron then further investigation will need to be done, possibly using a lua file will need to be done to interface with it. Roman
  12. I've been using FSUIPC for some time, but have not delved into the advanced functions beyond separate profiles for aircraft, etc. I'd like to have two sets of functions for certain joystick buttons. I've read the 'COMPOUND BUTTON CONDITIONS' text in the advanced manual, and also perused some threads here on the topic but I"m doing something wrong! I am using a Gladiator MKII stick, and to start I would like to same buttons to move the heading bug left, right and the OBS needle left, right depending on whether or not another button is pressed. The modifier button is #29 on my joystick, identified by FSUIPC with the number '3' (see first screenshot). I want to use buttons 2 and 8 for my actions. Only the VOR OBS INCR and DEC is defined in the 'Options and Settings' dialog box (see screenshots 2, 3). Everything else is in the .INI file; here are the relevant lines: 45=CR(-3,29)R3,2,C65879,0 -{HEADING_BUG_INC}- 46=CR(-3,29)R3,8,C65880,0 -{HEADING_BUG_DEC}- 47=CR(+3,29)R3,2,C65663,0 -{VOR1_OBI_INC}- 48=CR(+3,29)R3,8,C65662,0 -{VOR1_OBI_DEC}- The OBS needle moves left and right, regardless of the position of the modifier button. The Heading bug does not move, at all. Could anyone please help me clean this up and close my knowledge gap? Thanks in advance...
  13. Mornin' John. I've tried two test flights out of EGLL with both a default aircraft and the PMDG737. Using FSUIPC5 v5.1.5.0 both were successful with no crashes and RC4 running. Hope that helps you narrow the problem. Total Ai were in excess of 260.
  14. Have you tried departing IAH at the same time? I can reproduce the crash when either lining up on 27L at EGLL or just as the wheels leave the ground. I will try my test with 5.15.
  15. To avoid any confusion, i have added an upload date to the main post Ben
  16. To avoid any confusion, i have added an upload date to the main post Ben
  17. Guys I keep trying but some aircrafts will do it some wont and they are similar, for example I been able to set it up on the 737PMDG however on the 777 wont stay, the stick goes up then down again, what can I do, any videos about this?
  18. There seemed to be an issue with the airplanes.txt file, so i have reuploaded it and seems to be ok now. Please redownload again from dropbox Also to avoid any confusion, i have added a note to the original post to indicate on which date the latest version has been updated
  19. Last week
  20. I also had the three part crash. P3dv4.5 hotfix, Windows 7, with UTlive set at 50%/GA 10% and Radar contact. It happened at KORD just as I started pushback with GSX. Also using FSCaptain and Active Sky. I then started the same flight using the 5.15 and had no issues on one test flight KORD to CYUL. I believe I've had this error on other flights with similar traffic levels. My computer is mid-level (I think). i7 at 4ghz x 4 core/8threads and just a GTX 1660ti 6gb. I hope the extra variable with UTlive may help with your diagnosis. Again 5.15 worked for one test flight.
  21. 5.15 works! I had 318 ai (AIGAIM, UTL and MAIW) in the bubble on final to IAH and it didn't CTD. Boom!
  22. Can the - TripleUse.lua - script written by Pete Dowson be adapted to count (e.g.) 10 button presses within a given interval to give an option . In the script you can set interval time ... and the script 'counts ?' the button presses , can this be used with a rotary to count the clicks(presses), when if 10 clicks within the given interval time it can then call a different function ? This is another idea I've got to enable Rotary auto speed step that I posted about previously. Thanks for your thoughts and advice on this...
  23. Thank You for your help sir It worked as soon as I used SINT instead of UNIT. I am now trying to read altitude from the simulator. It says the offset has two parts, 0574 and 0570. now if I want to read the height do I make two independent events and read them?
  24. Use the wheel-up and wheel-down values. In a lua script like so: ipc.control(EVT_OH_PRESS_FLT_ALT_KNOB, MOUSE_FLAG_WHEEL_UP) Emile van Gerwen.
  25. blacklabelbraai

    Callsign Information Tool for Tower!3D Pro

    very nicely done!
  26. Especially with custom schedules it can happen that unknown or changed callsigns are used. If you want to look up a callsign while playing, you will often not find it in official databases. With the Callsign Information Tool you can upload the provided airlines file and search for callsigns quickly and easily while playing. Callsign Information Tool (Website) (Please note that this website is not optimized for mobile devices.)
  27. Reporting back... Completed two evening flights DEN-SLC-DEN and no CTD. Not sure I'm completely out of the woods yet, but tomorrow I'll try DEN-IAH, two big AI hubs.
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