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  2. kanekutter05

    Pro - no pilot voices

    I know this is an old thread, but I've been working on this problem for a couple hours now and I finally found a solution that I thought would help people in the future having this same problem. I'm guessing that everyone that has this problem (even when running as administrator) is using headphones for the sound output, as I was. Here's what the problem was and how I fixed it: I had to go into control panel (Windows 10 64-bit) -> Ease of Access -> Speech Recognition -> Advanced speech options -> Text to speech tab. That brought up a menu where you could change the voice selection for text to speech. I tested the speech and no audio was present in my headphones. So I clicked on the audio output button and then selected my headphones in the playback menu, then clicked Configure. I thought my headphones might not be functioning correctly, so I played the test sound...I heard the audio when the left and right channels played, but the center, subwoofer and both rear channels were silent. The audio output was set as 5.1 Surround...which if you have surround sound headphones I imagine that would work, but apparently mine are not. So then it hit me that most spoken audio is sent through the center channel in movies, so I switched the output to stereo and that fixed it right up. Everything sound-related in Tower 3D Pro works perfectly now. I hope that helps someone save a couple of hours of frustration at some point. I really wanted to play this game but I was about ready to ask for a refund...Thankfully I found this and I hope it works for anyone having a similar problem.
  3. kanekutter05

    Tower 3D Pro freezing but not crashing

    Yes I did both of those, and also tried with an exception to the Tower 3D folder in the antivirus as well. I did end up getting it fixed, I reinstalled the game, gpu drivers, sound drivers, speech and other drivers. Not sure which one actually fixed it, but it seems to be working fine now.
  4. Hi ,best regards friends. I´ve created new sector, airport, runway, sids, stars and schedule but, when it run tracon doesn´t happend. In the game file (txt) it shows "invalid Airport" What could be happening. I am creating a military airport.
  5. hexzed

    Tower 3D Pro freezing but not crashing

    Have you run in admin mode, antivirus disabled?
  6. hexzed

    EDDM - missing taxiways

    There is limitations in the game around taxiways, so i would assume these have been left out for that reason
  7. Just downloaded Tower 3D Pro and I can't even get past the tutorial without it freezing. It never actually crashes, it just freezes and I have to close it out. I'm running: Windows 10 64 bit - English AMD Phenom II X6 1035T (3.47GHz on all 6 cores) 8gb 1600MHz (running at 1780MHz) EVGA GTX 750 Ti FTW GPU (running stock at 1189MHz clock and 5400MHz memory) OpenAL is installed and speech is installed set up correctly This is a clean install of Windows that I just installed yesterday as well. I also tried running the .bat file, but it kept giving me an error that it couldn't find the folder. So I went into the Tower 3D Pro folder and found the output log, I hope that is the right file that you need to help. Let me know if not and what I'm doing wrong and I will fix it. Thank you in advance. output_log.zip
  8. @pkorkala It's great to get some feedback. And if it's a positive one... even better! Thanks a lot! 😀
  9. Hmm. Interesting. I no longer have any VRi devices, else I'd take a look. but thanks for explaining. Pete
  10. masterboy6x


    you get some rest and let others to help you in your projects mytraffic
  11. FeelThere

    Updates for tower 3d Pro

    Ahh I rather stay an honest man instead of getting into politics 🙂 I appreciate the excitement but please believe me I will let all of you know everything as soon as I can. As a matter of fact, we are testing something at the moment that I hope to show you during the summer. The reason I don't want to tell what it is because we are uncertain yet if it will work or not and I rather stay out from flame wars 🙂 Bestt Vic
  12. loki1978de

    EDDM - missing taxiways

    Hello Will the missing taxiways W1 at terminal 1 and D1-4 and W2 at terminal 2 be added? Thank you Manuel
  13. loki1978de

    Tower!3D Pro - EDDM - Tug issue

    Hello This is still not fixed, April '19 Problem is mostly in the corner of O3/D3 and outside on the logistics terminal by taxiway R, where I see a spinning tug not pushback my AUA2326
  14. scoobflight

    tower 2011 piedmont airlines

    Piedmont flew some aircraft in its own livery in addition to the US Airways. There were retro painted aircraft that flew in colors representing the airlines US bought & merged with over the years that were bought/merged. US was bought in full by America West. A decision was made to use US Airways name (better marketing uses). For some time aircraft were flying with US Airways colors with the 'cactus' callsign.
  15. sssdsdssdd

    Custom (REAL) Traffic #12 -- Boston v2.0 -- Summer 2018

    it works now it makes sense
  16. Last week
  17. No, it is still using SerialFP, but something has changed since I first used it years ago. I remember it needed some manual tinkering with the COM port configurations and it was not easy to set everything up (I can't really remember what I had to do exactly to get it running). But soon after that when I used a newer software version it worked out of the box without needing any manual configuration. I also don't have to do this VRi-device configuration from the FSUIPC advanced users guide, it just works. That's why I thought those were for that old manual configuration (of course I can't speak for other device models).
  18. Are you not using Profiles at all? If you aren't then all the assignments you have made apply to all aircraft. If you are using profiles and you want to use the same settings for a different aircraft, just clicj the Prifle checkbox and select that Profile in the drop down list. There are pictures in the User Guide. Pete
  19. "Many" years? All the VRInsight devices I ever had, "many" yesrs ago, were not USB HID devices, but serial port "COM" devices, and the default 'driver' was "SerialFP2". So, I'm confused. If the methods I implemented in FSUIPC to support them are now "deprecated", why have VRI users requestedsuch support in FSUIPC5, for P3D4? I thought only the more recent VRInsight devices had moved away from this method. If not, and now all their devices, old and new, are well supported by a new system, I would be delighted to be able to remove this support. Can you confirm this please? When VRI changed tack and went, as I thouht, to standard USB methods, I never got any more information or anything from them. Everything you've told me about the driver you are using is news to me. Help would be appreciated. Pete
  20. pete_agreatguy

    Schedule Poll

    People may want to look over the current list prior to voting ! https://charityalbumman.blogspot.com/2018/08/tower-3d-inc-pro-custom-schedules-list.html Nice work @battlehawk77, keep it up 🙂
  21. Hi there I have p3dv4 and have assigned all sorts of buttons and axises to TUI NGX. I have now tried to fly the same aircraft with the Ryan Air livery but none of the buttons, switches or axes work. I understand that I must have assigned the switches using the profiles specific option but how can I copy these assignments over to other NGX aircraft? I have seen the other articles here, but I didnt understand Pete's comment "switch to Profiles" How do I do that? Can anyone help. Regards Alan
  22. battlehawk77

    Schedule Poll

    So, I'm wondering which real schedule everyone would like to see me produce next. I'll let the poll run for a week or so to see what everyone thinks. 🙂
  23. Avwriter

    Updates for tower 3d Pro

    Vic you are clearly a skilled politician who knows how to answer the tough questions. Have you considered running for public office? I would ask if you could confirm that development has begun, but I won't since I am sure that you would answer, "That depends upon what the meaning of 'development' is." 🙂 Andrew
  24. FeelThere

    Updates for tower 3d Pro

    I can happily confirm, there will be a next version 🙂 Happy Easter everyone Vic
  25. No, sorry, there is no such facility.
  26. Maybe I should clarify what the device does. It is an VRinsight M-Panel. From what I can see from the FSUIPC logs it writes offsets (the values from the "FSUIPC5 Offsets Status.pdf" documentation) to FSUIPC when I press a button, dial in a number etc. But they (the natively supported offsets) are hardcoded and I cannot change them. In the configuration utility I can choose either a standard keybind (like ALT+X) or a "FSUIPC Control": All custom IDs/Values set in that way will be written to FSUIPC using the "3110" offset ("Operates a facility to send any ‘controls’ to Flight simulator."). The GUI also prevents entering any ID below 65535 and the configuration file generated by the GUI is a binary file, so not easy to edit without the GUI. Sidenote: Even in the default/hardcoded state it does not use dedicated FSUIPC offsets for every action, some are just send via offset "3110", just like the custom changed ones. PS: I've also seen the VRinsight specific documentations for lua but I don't know if they are applicable (at least for the M-Panel) as they seem to be based on the deprecated method of directly configuring VRi devices with COM ports etc. in FSUIPC. The drivers (at least for the M-Panel) work out of the box with FSUIPC for many years now. Jaxx
  27. Dan1994

    tower 2011 piedmont airlines

    but the livery is also piedmont airline livery in tower 2011 Philadelphia. it supposed to be us airways livery which is Navy blue and white.
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