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  1. Power management is "High Performance" and nothing sleeps
  2. I sometimes lose a USB device during a flight, I hear the beep beep of windows losing and seeing a usb device again but my yoke or rudder pedals stop working. Unplugging the powered usb hub and back I get everything back except rudder pedals. So I wondered if this was causing a problem?
  3. WARNING=This joystick was ID 1, but was duplicated: review and fix assignments, reload settings I had 2 Logitech Throttle Quadrants. I now have 1. FSUIPC will not let anything be Joy ID 1 My [joynames] section starts at id 0, then 2,3,4 Why?
  4. Thanks next time if it happens I will get the event viewer
  5. Thank you for the tip. I did not know about that shortening the title name.
  6. No changes to profile. Open FSUIPC after loading in at gate. check box and assign the existing B737 profile. Close FSUIPC. start flight. Randomly 30 minutes -1 hr into flight, p3d disappears. Did flight again 3 hrs no crash after restarting pc. I will check event viewer when I get back home.
  7. It did it again, 30 minutes into a new flight assigning a 737 profile to a new repaint the sim quickly disappears with no messages I will PM you my log and ini file it started when the axis disappearing when creating a profile or adding a repaint to a profile started. 2-3 versions ago? and I do the flight over, after restarting my computer, the flight works perfectly no sim CTD
  8. I added fsuipc6.dll and the folder to defender exclusion list... after this attempt I am out of ideas.
  9. p3d 5.1 fsuipc and previous versions Adding or editing a profile guarantees my p3d randomly disappears, no error messages, no crash logs This morning I edited a profile , removed filter checkbox for some assigned axis. departed and later p3d disappeared. if i start another flight, and assign a repaint to an existing profile, same thing happens If a flight is loaded up and I depart but edit nothing in the fsuipc menu it operates perfect fsuipc6 is giving me a headache please help. I have tried deleting the ini and starting over. I have sent you a previous ini file. How am I the only one seeing this? All my fsuipc troubles started the first time I noticed adding a repaint deleted the axis, and the fixes since my p3d has ctd disappeared if I am editing some data in the fsuipc menu.
  10. I assigned a plane to a fsuipc control profile, closed and remembered one more axis I needed to add, opened fsuipc again, checked the box for profile specific the one i just created and added the axis and closed and p3d disappeared again. I am so confused. If the auto.xx section is formatted like that again I'll send you the file
  11. the formatting of the auto LUA section for a profile was overwritten by an axes section above it and I think that was the cause of my CTD after updating to version .12 I moved the [Auto.xx] section below the [Profile.xx] to see if that is fixing it.
  12. The sim is bare with Activesky running in the background only in normal times. I get the crash if AS is not running too. I PMd you the log
  13. Yes some airports in the Orbx Socal region. I will get a log.
  14. If I load in an airport in one region of the world and exit p3d it hangs on exit and fails to close fully. prepar3d.cfg.txt and dxdiag files created. FSUIPC capable to help track down issues? Thanks.
  15. Will test and let you know I have small amounts of sim time each week and could not reproduce it 100% each time.
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