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  1. Will test and let you know I have small amounts of sim time each week and could not reproduce it 100% each time.
  2. Yes I did this and P3D disappeared and no logs in event viewer saying P3D had an error.
  3. It must have been intruduced recently in 6.0.11 or close to this version because I have assigned axis without issue when setting up my sim in v4 and upgrading in v5 in the past 2 months also helping others upgrade to v5 only .11 FSUIPC did this happen with in a new aircraft going to FSUIPC menu and assigning that repaint to a profile. the [axis] section of the profile i was assigning deleted itself.
  4. I sent a PM with details I hope helps sorry. A question why is this beta version not linked on your forum the old is the only download and I have helped 3 people who tore apart p3d thinking their sim was broken not realising this was FSUIPC deleting their axis.
  5. my sim crashed when I assigned a new plane an existing profile and one of my joystick buttons was pressed. p3d 5.1 latest hotfix.
  6. Happened again. New aircraft repaint. Load into P3D and up to FSUIPC in sim. Select a profile for this airplane and press OK now Axis section of this profile has no axis listed it has only rangerepeat line
  7. My Activator said Unfortunately error occured while connecting to server. Please try again in a few moments. I ran Activator as administrator after unlocking program with the SimMarket key. Installing 777 Calculator again on new computer install. Thanks.
  8. Happened in P3D v4.5 a few days ago and now when I just upgraded it happened again in P3D V5.1
  9. I did a clean ini profile and created an airplane controller profile B747 based on another profile name and the axis did not carry over. Another time I assigned a plane to an existing profile and the axis disappeared. I could not reproduce that every time it is odd.
  10. I created a new topic I think I identified the issue but if best to use this topic sure sorry about that!
  11. I added a new profile based on an existing profile This is the axis section of my new profile none of the 6 axis were moved over [Axes.B747] RangeRepeatRate=10
  12. it happened when I was in a new plane to assign an existing profile to it. I opened FSUIPC and one of the tabs iirc button assignment or axis assignment the screen showed an action for an existing button press and I checked the box for use existing profile and selected the profile I made. Then most of the axis would not work and looking at the ini file the axis were removed.
  13. Something changed in the new version 6.0.11 I think if it sees a button pressed when I opened FSUIPC to assign the current airplane with a saved existing profile. It removes all the axis I saved. Occurred in V4 and V5 FSUIPC versions on my system.
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