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  1. Hi when I use a different takeoff calculator program for the more powerful 200LR/LRF I have a different variety of numbers that match the FMC. But at light weights I do not see this in the 300ER using your calculator.
  2. Calculated speeds in the calculator tool are not close to what the FMC shows. v speeds are more than 10 knots different than the FMC's calculations. At light weights every calculation even TO2 is a selected temp of 70c. That is not right.
  3. Oh okay! I thought it wanted the registration entered by the installer. I will ignore and press Next. As for the format of the add-on.xml I use the Lorby Addon Organizer and when I next open it and save, it reformats the addon xml. Thanks again! Quick comment on the changes.txt file it says to look in the P3D Addons of my documents for any auto save files but should it say look in My Documents and Prepar3d V4/5 Files folder not Addons folder?
  4. & the format of the addon xml is a single long line no spaces could you adjust this in a future version?
  5. You have updated FSUIPC6 3 times (Thank you for once again quick continued updates and support over the years) but the new installation with FSUIPC6 is not like v5. 3 times I have to go back to my Simmarket account and get the registration information. In previous FSUIPC versions it was a very painless "check existing registration" option in the installer but not now. Can you change this process after the first time we have installed it? Thanks.
  6. I was hoping someone has done the work for me to get a more realistic feel from the hardware I specified on my post. I wish I had time to troubleshoot and test! Just enough time for a few flights a week.
  7. What is the best response curve and any other settings specifically for the Saitek Cessna Yoke, Combat Rudder Pedals, and separate 3 axis throttles? I have read the documentation and an old guide and some comments but could not see anything for the specific hardware I have. The +4 slope for Elevator is my only change which feels nice. Thank you!
  8. I am selecting TO, flaps 5, and so many weights always give me a derate of 70c. I know I am not that heavy, but I should be seeing less temperature than 70c for derates should I? Is there some calculation that is wrong? When I enter 70c even the v speeds are not close to the range of the pmdg 77w FMC. Thank you
  9. Hello nothing major just copied updated makerunways 4.85 to p3d4 folder and ran as admin, the window title says 4.84 and the info tab of the exe says 4.85
  10. Will you add Flap 5 takeoff option to the B788?
  11. I ran the update for the 787 but my toper 787 says version still
  12. Hello I am an owner of your 777 take off calculator. I am going to purchase the 787 calculator, and hope you can work with QualityWings for 787-9 and -10 data.
  13. Did an addon change it? In the programdata the main dll.xml is empty but says <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <SimBase.Document Type="AceXML" version="3,0" id="dll"> <Descr>AceXML Document</Descr> <Filename>dll.xml</Filename> </SimBase.Document> The encoding of the dll file in the userdata folder before installing FSUIPC is UTF-8 and after install it is Windows-1252 but I was sure it by default is UTF-8
  14. The default encoding of the dll.xml is UTF-8 the FSUIPC installer when adding the lines changes the encoding to Windows-1252
  15. I get that popup message every time after installing the latest GSX installers. I download your latest fsuipc installer and run it after running gsx and it fixes it. I am on fsx steam
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