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  1. Delete Old Airlines & Aircraft

    I've done everything according to what I understood the instructions to say, but Monarch airlines still appears! Is there a possibility someone could help me with a step by step guide pleas? Thank you
  2. Is it possible to delete old aircraft (like the BA 737 for example) or a whole airline (like BMI or Monarch) Thank you
  3. MyTraffic 6 Installation not working - Checklist

    Hi Burkhard I have My Traffic 6 working in FSX SE. I have a couple of issues which I've tried to fix but can't. First is that with 18% traffic selected the wheels on AI often spawn really late. Second is that the My Traffic AFCADs seem to over ride the aerosoft addon airport AFCADs. The reason I think this is that for example at Dusseldorf EDDF many of AI aircraft are parked in buildings. When I check with GSX which AFCAD it is using it tells me that the My Traffic AFCAD is used, not the aerosoft AFCAD - I can't work out why? My Traffic scenery is installed after all addon sceneries in the scenery folder in FSX SE. Thanks Jerry