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  1. Dear Mr .Heine Thank you very much for your assistance.It is interesting how your experience allowed you to pick out the correct anomaly hidden between many parameters. I applied the reset FSC exe that you have sent me by mail,and immediately afterwards FSC started.I appreciate your dedication and kindness.FSC has been my main navigation and flightplanning tool for years and I was missing it very much. Thank you also mr. Pierre-Jean.I did not have the need to use your kindly provided tool.Flightsimming is and remains a great community. Greetings from Flanders.
  2. Dear Sir, My FSC was installed under C:/ Aerosoft.But I was not certain that I had installed it as administrator.So I uninstallled FSC,shut down and restarted my PC and reinstalled as administrator.It is again under C;/Aerosoft.I then opened it as administrator.But again the same thing.Again,when I choose an ICAO airport in the opening window and I put my cursor on the FSC icon,I can see that Airport in miniature.To me this indicates that this program is running underneath.But I cannot open it.The thing is that FSC worked for a short while under WIndows 10.And then,all of a sudden,it would not open anymore.It is really puzzling me.
  3. Dear Sir, I recently converted to Windows 10,coming from windows 7 home edition.FSC used to work fine under Windows 7.Now under windows 10,it will not open. When I click on the FSC9 icon,after opening,I get a miniature of FSC with the airport that I requested in the little opening box centered.But no matter what I try,it will not open.I did adjust the ini file parameters to zero,as suggested in another topic here.But to no avail.(I mean the 4 parameters you suggested) My specs: FSX acceleration FSUIPC 4.948 FSC not in network no Airac cycle downloaded FSC 9.6 FSC is downloaded,not in a box Window 10 Thanks for any suggestions
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