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    Hi - I've noticed a bug in the way the FMS and Nav Mode functions on the ERJ 145XR MCP. I'm not sure if there is a fix available. When Nav is pressed with FMS as Nav Source, it should go to LNAV. But it appears you need to hit APPR for it to go to LNAV which is not correct. Does anyone have a fix (other than hitting APPR). I am building a sim and need it to work as it does in the plane so that the SOP's can be accurately followed. Any help is greatly appreciated. This Forum has been incredibly helpful!!!! Thanks!
  2. Hello, I've noticed that I cannot shutdown the engines. With power levers at idle and the engines switched to OFF, the aircraft continues to run with N1 at approx 28%. Even when I turn off the #1 and #2 Fuel Pumps, the engines continue to idle.Is this a known bug or is there something I am missing?
  3. Received info from Feelthere - It has been resolved. FSX SP2 was needed. All working fine now.
  4. Additional info: I've ensured that the display drivers have been updated. The cards I've tried are the addon card AMD Radeo R5 and the built in Intel HD display adapter. On the Windows 10 machine the 2D main panel is entirely black but the VC appears (without knob functionality). Thanks for any help that you can provide, Mike
  5. Hi, New here to the forum and Feelthere's EMB-145XR v2 for FSX. I'm trying to get the knobs to work in VC mode. The knobs work when displaying the instrument panel (I believe that window is 2D mode). But the in VC mode the pointer (white hand/) does not show + or - and there is no response when I try pressing and holding left or right mouse keys while moving about the button (in a circular mode or otherwise). I've tried using the mouse scrollwheel and no luck there either. The program has been installed and tried on a Windows XP system running FSX and also a Windows 10 running FSX, both with similar results. Does anyone have any help they can offer on turning knobs in the VC mode? Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Mike
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