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  1. Registration of fsuipc and wide fs

    Hi. They offer me returning money in crédits. I'll buy it again with the right name. Thanks.
  2. Registration of fsuipc and wide fs

    I sent a message. Do you really they can change it? If not I have to buy again?
  3. Registration of fsuipc and wide fs

    This problem can be fix it? Regards.
  4. Registration of fsuipc and wide fs

    Ok. The problem can be this. Only let me register fsuipc putting sudqui el Garady and only let me register widefs putting sudqui el Garady Gutierrez. I can't register widefs without gutierrez.
  5. Registration of fsuipc and wide fs

    I choose both installation. I first put the information of fsuipc and tells me ok. And after a Window o widefs registration appears. I put all the information. And finished ok. But when start the fsx only is registered widefs.
  6. Registration of fsuipc and wide fs

    Yes. It's ok all. In fact the register is sucessful.
  7. Hi. I'm trying to register both fsuipc and widefs, but when I start ths FSX only is registered widefs. What I do is via installer I select both and new registration and the process is ok. But after only shows widefs registered. How can I do it? Regards.

    Sorry Pete. I bought widefs7 yesterday. I installed widefs7 using fsuipc installer. Then in folder modules from fsx must'n be Any widefs7 file? Where are the data from widefs7 installed? Regards. I'm going to need helping hand to install widefs and PM.

    Hi. I want to install project magenta using two computers. I have fsx, windows 7 ultimate 64 bits in both pc. I bought fswide and installed it ok. When I read the manual of PM says : The Wideserver component (Wideserver.dll and Wideserver.ini) are placed in your MSFS Modules folder. That is all you need to do for the Sever component installation. In my modules folder of fsx there's no any file of fswide. Do you know what's happenning? Regards.
  10. FSWIDE

    I Pete. I bought WIDEFS6 in 2001, in simmarket, number of purchase 709785, and I want to know if that WIDEFS works with FSX? I want to upgrade or buy a new WIDEFS if don't works with FSX. I need to used with project Magenta. Regarsd.
  11. Hello. My name is Sudqui El Garady. I have a cockpit in my home wich I have build little by little. I have FSX, Windows 7 64 bits and fsuipc last version. I'm using 738 PMDG and recently I bought 5 USBAXES cards in OPENCOCKPITS for programming a OVHD I'm building. When I connected the card to the swiches and the buttons the fsuipc don't recognize the button presses or the actions of the switches. However in the configuration-controls-calibrate from de simulator the card is recognize ad too the presses of the buttons. From the support deparment of opencockpits told me that I have to wait to a new update to make it work. What do you think is happening? It's possible to make work this kind of card with fsuipc? Thanks.