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  1. Hi Volker Found the problem so sorry to have troubled you. Regards Howard
  2. Hi Volker Thank you for the wonderful update. I have Windows 10 ;Prepar3dv4 ;FSC 9.6 Rev 9. IFLY 737 for P3Dv4. When using the IFLy737 for Prepr3Dv4 flight planning in FSC does not seem to transfer into the FMC as earlier versions. Have I failed to do something in paths as earlier versions were automatic for this aircraft? Regards & thank you again Howard
  3. Hi Volker Tough decision for you especially as a 64bit version is the future for Flight Sim. I wish you well with your decision & will support you if you decide to develop it. Best Regards Howard
  4. Hi Volker Will there be a FSCommander version to cater for P3D V4 (64bit to be released on 30 May) please? Best Regards Howard
  5. Hi Volker 9.6 rev 8 Build 21 April 2017 updated perfectly after following the instructions. I now notice that "Routefinder is no longer working. Caption says "the webpage cannot be found". Is there a reason for this please. Great programme & thank you for the update Regards Howard
  6. Hi Volker Thank you once again. I think windows 10 update may have had something to do with the change because I didn't change it. However as always you come up with the solution. Best regards Howard
  7. Am using FSC Version 9.6 Rev 7. Windows 10. Prepar 3D V3.3.5. When flying online with Vatsim I get the following window constantly appearing in FSC "Make sure that you are connected with the internet! Are you sure you want to download the current VATSIM data" I click yes it then disappears but constantly reappears to annoy me. My internet connection is excellent. Please advise for a solution Thank you Howard
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