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  1. If you assign in FSUIPC make sure you have controllers disabled in P3D. not simply de-assigned, but disabled. Yup, all controllers are disabled, not just an axis deleted Thanks for your input, I'll have a more detailed look at it this evening and post back with details if I can't resolve. thanks erich
  2. Hello Pete Have been using FSUIPC successfully for many years, but have recently come up against an issue using P3DV4 and FSUIPC. I have disabled all controllers within P3D itself and only use FSUIPC for axis/button assignment and calibration. I only fly PMDG aircraft (737/777/747) and have created a profile for each. So my issue lately is - whether using either the 777/737 or 747, the throttle levers randomly go into reverse (while on the ground during manual operation) and/or my autothrottle keeps disconnecting. Not all at the same time but both events randomly happen. Also, the FSUIPC aircraft profile remembers the profile for the axis settings, but when I click on the 'Buttons/Switches' tab I keep having to re-select the 'profile specific' tickbox and click OK. When I click OK and come out of the FSUIPC interface and go back into it, the profile specific tickbox is again deselected. So random events occurring - I though it may be related to other assignments which I'm not aware of - but these were usually only caused by assignments in the controller settings within P3D which is why I have disabled them in the sim. Offhand I can't remember which version of FSUIPC I'm using but it is the new V4 version. I havent updated FSUIPC for about three weeks, Regards erich
  3. Obviously no sense of urgency from the Simmarket side to get the paid version to market. Thanks for a V5 though Pete! Great work
  4. Hi Peter After my PFC USB controller fiasco I have just reinstalled P3D (v3.4) and am using 4.995 fsuipc. The axes I have assigned were using the 'send direct to FSUIPC' option. Axes assignments are all working fine. But I have a problem with my buttons and switches options selection. I no longer have a 'Flaps Increase' and 'Flaps Decrease' or and 'Elev Trim Up' or Elev Trim Down' option. I think the options I now have are 'Flaps Position Set' and 'Elevator Trim Set' (or something similar). The same for 'Gear Up' and 'Gear Dn' - which are missing from the dropdown options. I sure this is probably a quick fix but not sure how to get the original dropdown options back. Cheers erich
  5. I eventually got around to reinstalling W10 last night. Plugged in the PFC controller and all the rods calibrated smoothly in Windows. It'll be interesting to see whether any subsequent Windows updates screw it all up again.
  6. Yes that could also be. I have alsed on the avsim W10 forum and see what comes up. Thanks erich
  7. Update: I sent my throttle unit to the company in the above post who could find nothing wrong with the unit. There were no physical disconnects of wiring which needed resoldering. Strangely, this weekend my Saitek rudder unit started developing the same issue with the right hand break pedal. The right brake assignment in FSUIPC was no longer working with a similar nil response in the Windows calibration utility. I'm beginning to think that this is a Windows issue and not a hardware issue. Peter, do you think this is likely? Have you come across this before? Am using W10 x64 Regards Erich
  8. Thankfully I found these guys in the UK who have agreed to look at it for me. Sending it back to PFC in the US (via the distributor in Spain from whom I originally purchased it) would be a nightmare. http://www.flight-simulators.co.uk/index.html
  9. I thought I'd provide an update. It appears that my issue is hardware related. The PFC throttle unit has six rods to which any type of throttle can be fitted. The second and fifth rods cannot be calibrated in windows which appears to indicate something wrong with the inside of the unit. So not FSUIPC related. https://kostasfsworld.wordpress.com/pfc-throttle-quadrant-review/
  10. I'm using P3D v3.35 and your latest FSUIPC version. Is this the serial port device using my PFCFSX.DLL driver or some new USB one looking like a standard joystick? The device is USB . Actually I think the problem (and solution) is probably a simple one. I have been able to assign the axes to all 6 levers before under the profile of 'Twin Piston' and switch successsfully to my jet quadrant under the my named profile (737 777). So I know it works. I think I probably just need to resinstall FSUIPC again and assign both the jet and twin prop assignments from scratch. Let me try that and I'll come back if need be.
  11. Hi Peter Have been using fsuipc for as long as I've been simming with no issues. Great piece of software. I've stumbled across an issue though. I have a PFC throttle unit with interchangeable jet and TPM quadrants. I wanted to do some twin piston flying over the weekend, so attached the twin quadrant (T1T2 P1P2 M1M2) and created a new Twin engined profile. For some reason, FSUIPC didnt respond to the T2 and M1 axis assignments. The UI remained greyed out when clicking 'Rescan' and moving the levers. Any suggestions for troubleshooting the issue would be appreciated. regards erich
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