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  1. Hello AchillesP, thank you for your reply and the clarification about this incompatibility.Yes I would like a refund, however I did purchase your software via an online-store and not directly from your webpage.So I guess a refund is not possible then? Regards, Oliver
  2. Dear ladies and gentlemen, I recently bought your 3D Real cockpit effect software version and was quite disappointed to find out it seems not be compatible to the hugely popular TRACK IR . Unfortunately this incompatibility is not mentioned at all under " limitations" on the product data sheet on your internet site . I looked through your support forum here on simforum.com and found that you said you would add track Ir support back in 2012. Now we have 2016 and the product still seems to be incompatible with TRACK IR. Having a look through the changelog text file for 3D real cockpit effect , I found the entry " TO DO for version " saying: " TrackIr compatibility". However the actual changelog for the newest version does not mention this at all. I' m quite a bit disappointed with this software of yours right now. Firstly,because TrackIR seems still unsupported ,and secondly because this incompatibility is not mentioned under limitations on the product's page on your internet site. So could you kindly tell me WHEN trackIR support will be finally added to 3D real cockpit effect,after telling customers in the support forums for 4 years that it will be added ? I sent a support request regarding this to your helpdesk two weeks ago, but still haven't received any reply. This is not what I would call good customer service. Looking forward to hear from you soon. Regards, Oliver