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  1. Wow, thanks Burkhard for those settings. I can now pan round a busy airport with NO stutters and a steady framerate of 20fps. Best wishes. JK.
  2. Thanks again for the replies. Yes, I am using AI smooth, so that could be the problem. Rather than ATC messages they look more like TCAS messages, and I've narrowed it down to the PMDG 747. I think I can sort it out from here. Many thanks for your (as usual) excellent support.
  3. Thanks for the reply Husain. No it's not ATIS informatiion, it's ATC. Never had it before installing MT 2006. It's weird because it doesn't happen all the time. Any ideas? The strange thing is I'm still getting normal ATC and then this green banner with more ATC but entirely different messages to what I'm getting verbally! Is it a new 'feature'. LOL. Any suggestions appreciated.
  4. First thank you for an excellent programme, it certainly enhances the flight experience. Since installing My Traffic 2006 I now have a green banner across the top of the screen with ATC text, even though text is turned off in the ATC settings, and I'm still getting verbal ATC okay. The text messages are different to those I am hearing verbally, and some relate to military aircraft. I'm obviously missing the obvious, but what is it? How do I get rid of the green text banner? My Traffic 2006 was installed on a clean install of FS9. I've also installed your sound update patch. Thank you.
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