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  1. I like so much using FSCommander I would also like to voice my support for FSC in Prepar3dV4 Sergio
  2. SergioCo

    PREPA3D V4.1 and FSC (answered)

    Hello Volker, your advise is good! now all OK Thanks Sergio
  3. SergioCo

    PREPA3D V4.1 and FSC (answered)

    Oh Volker! I'm sorry but I have a problem. So In my pc I have installed only Prepar3d v4.1 ... I have downloaded FSC97 and installed it as Amministrator on disk D:; I lunch the data base manager but when I select flight simulator path (on the left side), the panel on the right side freezed as you can see ?! If you can help me I thank you by now Sergio
  4. Hi Volker, I have read the post but I hope there will be an upgrade so I can use FSCommander! I can't stop flying without it! Thanks Sergio
  5. SergioCo

    NATS (answered)

    Hi sir, I have FSCommandere Aerosoft. I try planning fly the Pond (KBOSEDDF) but when I have to insert Track (V) the program does'nt insert the first fix of the track (ALLRY) but only the others data. Please help me! THZ Sergio
  6. Volker, you are right ! so I apologize for all! Thanks again for your availability! Sergio
  7. I 'm asking Volker another question .... I hope he wants to help me and not to download me!.. how can I change the time period or switch to manual download. how can I cChange update rate or disable "move map instead of aircraft" Thanks again Sergio
  8. Hi Volker you were very good in your replay I understand what you told me I 'll follow your solution Thank you so much again ciao Sergio
  9. Sorry for missing I use FSCommander 9.6, FS9, win7 pro
  10. Hi all This is my problem. In IVAO sometimes I use Keyboard to input messages, informations, requests ... Random when I press a key no entry comes out on IVAO panel but I have a problem on aircraft I’m flying with. i.e. I press “G” .... I have the gear lowers I press “L” ... I have the lights turn on/off I press “p” ... I have the simulation pauses A friend og mine told me it's because FS window became the ACTIVE window when I was typing. It depends on using FSCommander.. No matter what I am doing ie surfing, chatting, etc if I am not in the FS window, whenever my A/C hits a waypoint on FSCommander, the FS window automatically becomes the ACTIVE window.. If this is the problem, how can I get solve it? Thanks in advance for every kind replay Sergio QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE

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