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  1. Hello Fabio, I spend the last few days testing different scenarios, different aircrafts (737/747), different states to save. Nothing worked at all. For me, flightcontrolreplay was the first useless product (of near 50 products in total) bought at simmarket, 15 useless euros spent. What the product description says that it is P3D v4 compatible and works with PMDG is just not correct. I know that simmarket normally doesn't provide any refund, so I'll just state this as an error by myself, buying flightcontrolreplay. Ric
  2. Thank you Frank, I hope Fabio has an idea what is wrong with my installation that even those basic things aren't played back.
  3. Hello Fabio, I just bought your recorder today, working with P3D v4. Although they are correctly activated and fully operational, my PMDG 777 and 747 doesn't playback correct with your recorder. The landing gear, flaps, spoilers, engines and steering surfaces aren't played in replay. Do you have any advice?
  4. Hello Pete, I found no thread concerning the MD-11, so I just ask. I've installed the PMDG MD-11 with the Estonia Migration Tool into P3D v3.3.5, working flawless for me. The problem with the Load Manager is solved, there is only one problem remaining: the autosave. When flying the MD-11, autosave is working, but it never writes aircraft entry, so the saved file doesn't know which aircraft has been saved. Saving manually works. Due to the MD-11 is not compatible with any P3D-Version, I'm just asking. If there is no quick solution, we just forget it, because it isn't any problem of the FSUIPC. Do you have any idea, why it isn't saving the aircraft entry in the file? It saves the panel state correctly, but If I want to load the p3d-savefile, it gives me an error and it loads the default scenario. Thanks! Ric
  5. Huge Lag on Autosave

    First, big apologize that I haven't wrote any answer. However, I got no notification, sorry for that. I will test your tip later today. I haven't a lot of crashes, but sometimes there is one. Could be the DINPUT.dll, when my yoke reconnects (I'm about to solve that), sometimes the ntdll.dll (no idea where the reason is). Thanks anyway!
  6. Huge Lag on Autosave

    Ok, thanks Pete. What seems confusing to me that before the reinstallation of the FSUIPC I haven't any of these problems. With 737, 777 and more, no problems. Can you explain that little bit more? I don't know what you exactly mean^^. So FSUIPC can't do anything, but have you any other tips to prevent those freezes? Thanks, Ric
  7. Good Evening, I've bought the FSUIPC just for the autosave, an extreme nice feature on my opinion. Few days ago, I had to reinstall my FSUIPC (current version, its registered) and enabled the autosave function. All three ticks are enabled, save every 60 seconds. The saving works, but with every save, my Sim freezes for about 3 to 5 seconds, which is extremly annoying. I'm unable to do anything in the cockpit while the freeze. Tested with Aerosofts airbus A320 and the PMDG NGX. OS is Windows 10, sim is Prepar3D v3.3. Any idea why? FSUIPC4.log is attached. Thank you very much! FSUIPC4.log