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  1. Hi Pete Thank you very much for your information. Thank you! Steven Ding
  2. Hello Paul Henty I want to use FSUIPC to add AI aircraft, I do not know what to do? Please also trouble you to make some suggestions. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you! Steven Ding
  3. Hi Thomas: Thank you very much for your help and information, I have to solve these problems about the idea. Thank you! Steven Ding
  4. Oh, the PMDG model needs to use the PMDG SDK to read the Information,I will go to understand and try. Is it possible that other models will use FSUIPC's standard interface to get these values? For example: Aerosoft Airbus model and so on. Thanks again for your reply
  5. Hi Thomas I am using FSUIPC Version 4.955c. The aircraft model is PMDG-777-300ER. The development environment is Visual Studio 2015(.net framework4.0 , VB.Net). The FSUIPCClient.dll that is used is V2.4. About the Spoilers offsets, whether on the ground or in the air, 0BD0, 0BD4, 0BD8 these three are able to get to the value, only 0BCC can not get the value. In addition to the GPS system, are there other offsets that can get information on approach status, route distance and estimated flight time? Thanks again for your reply.
  6. Hi Paul Henty: I am developing a program that uses FSUIPC as the interface to detect the status of the aircraft in FSX and P3D, but I have encountered some problems in the development: 1.Through 0BCC can not get the state of Spoilers armed. 2.Through 60FC 6108 615C 6140 6137, can not get the relevant state of the aircraft approach. 3. Through 61A0,6198, can not get the Route total distance and Destination ETE. My english is poor,please forgive me. Hope to get your reply,Thanks. Steven Ding
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