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  1. Hi Peter It is NOT a problem! Please don't take my suggestion as a complaint or anything. I merily suggested something that to me seemed logical, but is a "featureโ€œ of FS, not FSUIPC. And you must admit, it is somewhat redundant for FS to have both an arm zone as well as an arm key! Hence my confusion - and my suggestion. Brgds Sven
  2. Hi Peter and Thomas Thanks for your replies I had already calibrated my axis thus. But what you are saying is, that whenever you name an axis as spoiler, that behavior is what you get from FS/P3D? I must confess, that is news to me. Maybe it shouldn't be, but this is the first time I've dug so deep into FSUIPC. Well, live and learn... Cheers, Sven
  3. Hi Peter ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, I'm still at it with my X52 Pro LEDs, and actually it's going very well, and I almost have a working setup for PMDG 747 QOTSII - almost. I thought I would do the spoilers last, as they seemed very simple to do - just a copy of the flaps section. However, there is one thing, I'm unable to do: Setting a LED when spoilers are armed. The reason is primarily that PMDG has obscured that setting pretty well - but another issue is the fact that FSUIPC insists on having a part of the spoiler travel range set to be an ARM SPOILER zone. Of course, if you don't want to use a keystroke (default: shift+/) or a button to arm them, then it's a good thing - but I would rather use a button or rather, move a lever on my Saitek Quadrant out of scale (below the lower, hard detent), as that is defined as a button: Toggle Arm spoiler on entry, and toggle again on exit. PMDG understands this very well, and even the animation is correct! I have seen other people a long time ago wondering about this arm zone, and so I would like to humbly suggest a checkmark for "No Arm Zone" for the spoiler axis, the same way as you have done for the throttle axes? Possible? BRGDS Sven Sorensen, EKCH
  4. Just by being there...๐Ÿ˜ It 2 things: 1) The error msg was totally misleading. I did have a valid 64 bit DLL, but 2) the dependant LUA DLL had a slightly different name, lua5.1.dll instead of lua51.dll... Thus, the passerelle DLL wouldn't load, and so I got "Not a valid win32 application". I also began using package.load to load the DLL - though require should have worked. Brgds Sven
  5. After the break... One word: SUCCESS! Got the 64-bit passerelle working in FSUIPC's LUA engine, and I'm ready to begin implementing my idea for connecting offset values, buttons and LED's. Sometimes you need to step away from the problem, to get a new view on it... Thank you for your help, Peter
  6. Ok, I've had it! How hard can it be to create a valid 64-bit DLL??? And I haven't got a clue as to what (if anything) I'm doing wrong. In desperation I installed Lua for Windows (5.1.4) on my gaming PC. Copied passerelle/32bit to its clibs folder. Tried Require("passerelle") => unable to load module from file / module not found. OK, at least it didn't say "Not a valid Win32 app" Now, the SAME passerelle DLL on my VirtualBox testrig, also copied to LFW 5.1.4\clibs: Require("passerelle") - and it works! Same DLL - Same LUA environment - two different outcomes. I need a break... /Sven
  7. Sorry, I was too hasty (<Burarum>). I don't have a 64-bit LUA 5.1. I have LOADS of other stuff, but... /Sven
  8. HI Pete, thanks for the answer! Yes, I am testing on P3Dv4.5 and FSUIPC5. But there must be more at play here. I have the DLL in both a 32 and a 64 bit version. Both produce the same 44734 *** LUA Error: error loading module 'passerelle' from file 'D:\P3D\modules\lua\passerelle.dll': %1 is not a valid Win32 application. Surely, this must must be close to the most stupid error text, when I am actuallly running a 32-bit DLL (only to be outdone by "keyboard not found - hit F1") But it may also have to do with the LUA version. Running the 32-bit passerelle under LUA 5.1/32-bit works, 64-bit passerelle under 5.1/64-bit gives the error above. Running the passerelle/32 under LUA5.3/32 chrashes LUA. Running passerelle/64 under LUA5.3/64 gives the error above. NOTE: I can only build passerelle with LUA 5.1 libs and the chrash occurs in LUA 5.1 DLL. What LUA version is FSUIPC actually running? BRGDS Sven
  9. This is only a little step for mankind, but a giant leap for me.... See the yellow LED? I made that... But I do need to figure out how to load a C DLL from FSUIPC (or LUA or P3D) so I can call it from a LUA Script. I thought it would be a matter of just having a LUA script with a REQUIRE in it, but apparently not ๐Ÿ˜ž It is a DLL called "passerelle" and it is an interface between LUA and the SAITEK drivers. I only got it working in a debugger attached to a LUA window. But still, even a small victory is a victory, Pete, as for SPADNext, they haven't got around to the X52 yet. BRGDS Sven
  10. Heureka!!! There is something called x52luaout, made by erkswede. It does exactly what I want it to do, see this Youtube link Alas! It is for X-plane only, but the name suggests to me that it should be possible to port it to P3D & FSX. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find anywhere where I can download it. I will try to contact erkswede. This holds more promise than my attempts today with an USB sniffer... BRGDS Sven
  11. Hi Thanks for the reply, both of you. I've seen SPAD mentioned, but actually thought it was some hardware box. I'll certainly give it at go. As for Process Monitor, I think that it would be very hard to identify those bits having to do with the LEDs. That's why I tried readfeature, but I can't be sure that the LEDs are even a feature, nor that Saitek has followed the USB Bible. Other than that, all is well! Brgds Sven
  12. Hi Peter As hinted in another, older thread, I have begun looking at the possibility of using the LED's on the Saitek X52 Pro to provide some useful information. For example, if I turn off the autopilot via a joystick button, change the color of that button (or turn it off). If I can get it to work, I would even change that LED on AP turn on/off regardless of whether I used the button or not. I have been looking at HIDdemo as well as this LINK, this LINK and not least this LINK. The last one actually deals with setting LED's on a Saitek Unit. Unfortunately, it deals with the Saitek Switch panel, not the X52. And the FSUIPC LUA COM library is not concerned with LED,s except that the last link above does use com.writefeature to set the 3 LED's on the Switch panel. But I really have no clue on how to proceed with the X52. It has a lot of LEDs and many of them can be set to 3 colors. I tried to use com.readfeature to see if I could see something change in the output from that, if I let it run and then changed one of the LEDs via the driver/calibration software. But either I'm doing it wrong, or the X52 does not support com.readfeature, or it doesn't have "features" per se. In any case, the return value is 0, meaning that the call failed. So I'm stuck in the water. If you, Peter or anyone can give me a clue on how to proceed, it would be much appreciated. BRGDS Sven Sorensen, EKCH HidFeature.lua.txt
  13. Hi all Sorry to revive an old thread, but yesterday I had an idea... What if I could use my Saitek X52 Pro joystick to give me a visual clue as to what switches or functions are on/off/armed by manipulating the LED's on the stick? I have changed HidRadio to give me something of a prototype, and I can see that I am talking to the joystick. However, the problem is that I have no clue which value I should push to the joystick to turn a LED say, amber, and if I actually can use com.writefeature to do it. If anyone has dabbled with the same idea and perhaps even succeded, please give me a holler. BRGDS Sven Sorensen EKCH
  14. Oh, my.... I sat on my chair and looked at that very sentence, but obviously only read half of it๐Ÿ™„ Sorry about that, it's working fine! To quote Sherlock Holmes (to Watson): "You see, but you don't observe" Somewhat embarrassed, BRGDS Sven Sorensen EKCH
  15. Hi Guys Once again, I'm overwhelmed at what FSUIPC can do for you and over your great and continuous work over the years! A heartfelt THANK YOU! However, there is one snake in the grass: In FSUIPC6, the ability to keep profiles in separate files seems to be broken. I have changed "UseProfiles" to Yes, but no Profiles folder appears and all profiles are indeed still in FSUIPC6.INI. It is no biggie, but I find it easier to work with separate files. BRGDS Sven Sorensen EKCH FSUIPC6.ini
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