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  1. I will purchase for Traffic Global. It got the P3d user interface I am looking for.
  2. After toying around with ezdoc and gsx - the simulator crashed. Had to uninstall - reinstall. P3d is reinstalled back to original folder. My traffic is untouched. Been working through installing orbx and several other addons for 10 hours. Next up is mytraffic. It has been worked before. Checking tutorials on youtube - It must be installed on C. I have installed on my F (SSD) along with P3d. The installion is very complex, and I have no more oomph left. Other forums on this topic seems to be to old with dead links I am able to get the connection green - along with an error message (can not find file). It seems that all airlines are airforce. Clicking on it - the green connection turns red "outside reality bubble" . Any new traffic addons that are designed for P3dv2? My best option to purchase a new one, and remove the old mytraffic.
  3. P3D v2.5 After installing MT6 I got this message several times during loading: Simconnect 50 seconds. Open configuration tool and select correct simulator Sim seems to be running fine. Is there a step by step procedure I can use, and locate the tool? Thanks!
  4. Got help from Avsim. A lot is missing in the manual for P3D. The cfg procedure with the guy appears in the window when saved and finished is not explained at all for P3D Avsim procedure is a very good step by step piece of work. Do the same for your manual to avoid hours of frustration.
  5. P3D 2.5 Ezdoc ORBX scenery ANS Weather The Communicator: Found path via Management Locator to both Mytraffic and P3D on. SSD HD F: flysim\ and F: traffic/Mytraffic/. Hit OK button. Did not work. Tried to get rid of red text "not copied" . "What is this?" guided me to MS SDK.. Tried a zillion variations combinations of download routes. P3D menus. Tried to path scenery library all the way down to mytraffic scenery folder. Clean reinstall - deleted folder. Reading the FSX troubleshooting, there was a hint of traffic.bgl. After hour I find the same tool in P3D menu. Found 4 traffic bgl files. Bagged them in a new folder. Still no aircraft. Clean reinstall - deleted folder. Did not touch anything. Except Management Locator. Hit OK button on both. P3D scenery library: Giving path to mytraffic folder. Moved down to above "prop" priority. Restart P3D. No aircraft. Conclusion. The P3D manual is a mess. Wasted 12 hours. Now I just want my my money back.
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