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  1. Hello everybody, and thanks for the many mails that I have recieved during the last months. Unfortunately, I have no time to continue the work at the moment. However due to the rich feedback, I've decided to open the sourcecode of this project, you can find all you need on this webpage: http://wg.marxm.de/flightlab Actually, I'm not really good in C++, so please to not get frighted, when you see my sourcecode. :lol: In case you know how to do it better, please do not hesitate to improve the DLL that I have created, or add new functions. If you do so, feel free to send me your modified sourcecode back, so that I can include yor modifications in the next release. When you like this piece of software, I'd be happy if you left a message in my guestbook. Best Regards, Christian
  2. Well now, this is a very pre-pre alpha version of what I'm trying to do, and all uses are on your own risk and without any warranty. Note that you need at least LabVIEW 7.1 and a registered version of FSUIPC. http://wg.marxm.de/flightlab/flightlab.zip Have fun Hexley
  3. Thank's, that doesn't look bad. Finally I was able to transfer some data from the clock and the speed Indicator to LabView, but there is still some fine tuning necessary, and I need a better understanding about the way FSUIPC works, meaning that I sould read the Programmers Guide once again. I'll keep you posted.
  4. As Pete has said, there is this FSUIPC_USER Library that can access the FSUIPC library. What we need to do is, to convert the FSUIPC_USER library from the SDK to a DLL library. There is the problem, that the User-Functions FSUIPC_Read, FSUIPC_Write interact with the *pDest and *pSrce pointer variables, which are declared as void. However, LabView doesn’t like variant parameters in DLL functions, I’ve tried it, but there are only zeros transferred, so I think we need to convert the void Type is something else, e.g. 1-dimensional values like integer, char, float or anything else, but since I’m no C-Programmer, this is the point where I stuck right now, because I'dont know how to convert a char[1] to a char variable. To be honest, I assume that I'm doing something wrong with the "Process" command, but I'm really busy, so I may review this problem next week. As I couldn’t find anything in the MSDN Library, I don’t think that there is a possibility to call functions form a DLL-File created with VisualBasic, so we may need Visual C++ here - but I’m, not sure. However if we can get this FSUIPC_User library compiled to a DLL file LabView can work with, all our problems with the interface to the Flightsimulator are solved. The rest should be no problem. Sure, we ca develop some VIs together. P.S: sorry for not answering your last mail Pete, I’m very busy at the moment. I’m proud to tell you that I do have my full user licence right now.
  5. Hi Pete, LabVIEW is a graphical programming language from National Instruments, a VI is a file containing the code. It is mainly used for test stands and automation of technical processes. Thanks for the hint, I will try it and post my efforts here. Greetings Hexley
  6. Has anyone ever managed to call FSUIPC via LabVIEW? This should generally be possible via the "Call Library Function Node" however VIs including the FSUIPC_Open(), FSUIPC_Readroutines are needed. One day I want to have my own, fully functional Cockpit, but since I'm a graphical programmer, the first step would be to learn how to access FSUIPC via LabView.
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