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  1. Thanks a lot for the answers. Two items to add: 1. Will promptly submit, after the frustrating search in the manual, my application as a VERY Senior Citizen member. 2. Just learned that my profile here is wrong, giving me much less age than my actual 89 years of age. It seems that flightsimming helps with longevity. Thanks again
  2. I believe I read in the manual that the aircraft icon (the aircraft itself) shown on the map can be used to move the aircraft from one spot to another. Did not make a note, have read and reread the manual and cant find this information. Could someone help? Thanks a lot. Clarindo
  3. Thanks a lot, Volker. After a few days without internet (heavy flooding in Rio de Janeiro) I need to inform that "my problem" is solved. A technician was here and found out that I have duplicate installations, one in the root of a disk and another in a sub-directory. Airac update was being done in the root and here I was trying to find another application in another location with this update! I have so many HD and SDD addon disks that it became very confusing at this end. Have started a simplification project. Guess you've never had such a type of report regarding the fabulout FSC program in your record. Maybe it will make the Guiness Book World of Records.... Thanks again.
  4. It is obviously my own mistake but here is what is happening with updating AIRAC cycle for FSC version 9.6 Build 16-February-2015 in Windows 10 operating with FSX steam: After updating AIRAC 1601 the FSC opening screen still shows an old AIRAC 1512 as the last cycle. Following dozens of attempts I now find that the Database/NavData-Backup/AIRAC.ini files within FSC shows the new cycle 1601 as installed - but it just will not show as such in the opening screen. Because I have many FSC flight plans have not attempted to repair or reinstall it afraid of losing such plans. At the moment and limited to my lack of knowledge I am assuming: a - FSC will not properly function with Windows 10 or Steam FSC; b - Although the opening screen shows the old AIRAC nomenclature, actually the updated data is in place. c - I am not savvy enough to face up to this and should just keep it as is - except for this minute detail everything is working properly. d - I should learn how to repair/reinstall FSC without losing current essential working data. Sorry if the attempted explanation is confusing - it just reveals where I stand as far as computer knowledge is concerned. Thaks for any assistance or information.
  5. I am no computer expert and I am addicted to FSCommanderl\! I also use Airport Development Editor (ADE 1.67) mostly to add ILS to existing FSX-SE airports. Have fought with the issue that some of the added ILS will not show on the FSC map, even though when the mouse arrow is on it it will read out the frequencies and that FSX-SE map will show that the added ILS is there. Have excluded (I believe) probable errors on my part as a good 40% of the additions work alright. Having noted more of this situation after upgrading to Windows 10 and FSX-SE and after reading these posts I guess I will just stop trying to resolve it and sit on it for the time being. Must state that I cannot visualize flight simulation without the use of this fantastic FSCommander.
  6. If it may be of help to anyone: I use FSC with a 3-monitor display now on Windows 10 and just recently replaced one of the monitors and a coincident result was the visual disappearance of the GPS window. It was there, active, but not showing. I tried monitor resolutions, hotkeys, not "on top" and everything else to no avail. Occured to me then to untick in Windows - Options - Display the box for remembering GPS window position. I thought it might be remembering a position which now just would not be available. It worked! And there it is now - back to normal. I immediately reticked it to remember the current position, which is what I need. Apologise if the information is useless to anyone else; just attempting to assist anyone in an equal situation I was facing. Best to all.
  7. Hi, Volker Thank you very much for your kind attempt to assist me. I do not have a dual installation of FSX and FSX-SE. Actually everytime I use FSX-SE I must download it from the Steam site, which is where I purchased the program. Furthermore with my limited "expertise" I dare not fool around with FSCommand configuration and data, since it is indispensable for my Flight Simulation activities. Yes, I confess being addicted to FSC. Thanks again and a Happy New Year.
  8. Must clarify that I am using FSX-SE (Steam) and having searched extensively through various forums I now understand that at the present moment FSC is not compatible with FSX Steam (if I understand it correctly). Because so many simmers are switching over to FSX SE (it took me quite a while to join this crowd) I will wait for a future opportunity to fully enjoy the outstanding values to be found in FSCommander. Sorry for the inaccurate petition for assistance. Clarindo
  9. I am using FSC v9.6 AIRAC1512 with FSX and Windows 10 OS. Having added ILS to some airports and updating with FSCDbManager I find that the added ILS will graphically not show. Have just "discovered" that the added ILS exists, as clicking on the dot on the airport runway a menu will display airport information including the corresponding ILS frequency. Anyone can inform on what I could attempt in my efforts to have these ILS to be graphically displayed? Will appreciate any guidance and wish you all a Happy 2016 and plenty of good flights. Clarindo
  10. This will probably have been covered in the available manual, support forum and other queries. I would just like to double check, if possible, that my configuration is correct in the fact that: a) I note in FSCommander Database Manager that the scenery paths are considered correct and the indication for Sceneries is C:\Program Data\Microsoft\FSX\....Facilities...Scenery...etc b)Yet not all my add-on sceneries reside not in that in folder; rather they are in Disk D. Should this be of concern? is my question. Appreciate any comment, please.
  11. My problem has been satisfactorily solved. I must emphasize the superb assistance which was provided by VolkerHeine in the process. Really outstanding!
  12. Thanks. Apologize for missing that essential information and will sit in hopeful wait. Best regards, Clarindo
  13. FSX DELUXE - FSUIPV v 4.939e - FSC 9.6 Build 15 January 2015 download - AIRAC 1511 - Windows 7 Am having problem with ILS for SBCT default FSX airport not showing in FSC, while showing in FSTramp (obviously meaning it exists in FSX). Failing many attempts to solve this problem (not considering reinstallation due to convenient, time-consuming and otherwise acceptable configurations) have already: Repeated updates of Database Manager - Eliminated all add-ons (so that only default airports would show) - Checked for accurate identification of location for FSX and FSC directories - and all other possibilities KNOWN TO ME. Obviously I have a bad configuration somewhere or preference priority of scenery and wonder if available assistance could help me out in solving this puzzle. Should furhter details be required please advise so that I may respond. Anticipate my great appreciation.
  14. Thank you very much for the assistance, Volker. Will proceed accordingly and will be extra careful in the future in reading and following up on so clearly stated instructions. Wish you the best.
  15. As an OLD user of FSC (customer since many years ago and also 89 years old) I purchased and installed version 9.6. Rev 1 which is working satisfactorily. Have been trying to update AIRAC but unable to locate this new version. I still have and can find older versions which were correctly installed. The problem is that FSC 9.6 icon shows that its location is C:/Users/My Name/Desktop and that will work to open the program but not have AIRAC locate it. Tried to reinstall it to a driver where I can find it but the menu offers only the functions of repairing or reinstalling. I realize I fouled up in the installation but needing to keep AIRACs updated I wonder if someone could help me out of this dilemma. FSCommander is indispensable for me as an auxiliary to FSX and as I fly multiplayer frequently it is essential to have these updates installed. Any assistance or orientation will be highly appreciated. Thanks, Clarindo Gueiros
  16. Thank you very much, Volker, for your reply. AI traffic shows up alright. My problem is with the multiplayer aircraft on VATSIM. The AI traffic in the button bar shows the AI aicraft alright, and AIBridge is also being used. But as stated in the manual for VATSIM users we do not need any of that - although I am trying to. I will keep trying to find out what my error or misconfig is because I cannot do without FSCommander (using FS2004 as I do). Appreciate your prompt response. All the best, Clarindo
  17. Using FS2004 - Windows 7 - Airac code 1411 - FSC 9.51 Rev 2 Build 3 July 2004 - FSUIPC 3.99 (Have newer FSUIPC version 4.70 but am told anything above version 3.xx will only be adequate for FSX). Have used FSCommander satisfactorily for quite some time with VATSIM multiplayer aircrafts showing as a moving airplane icon. Now am faced with the problem that VATSIM multiplayer aircrafs will not show. Only after clicking on Online - VATSIM - Download current VATSIM data - will the multiplayer aircraft show, but displayed as an non-moving dot with data information. I must have done something wrong and am wondering whether someone else has faced a similar problem and solved it. Apologies if the above description is unsufficient or unclear, in which case just disregard it. Anticipate my appreciation for any information which may be provided to assist this frustrated simmer. Clarindo
  18. Thank you very much for the information.
  19. After consulting the Help file and searching through the Internet I need information on the subject, owing to my limited expertise. It appears to me that FSCommander (my current version is 9) shows the aircraft speed in knots of Ground Speed. Since I use Flight Simulator 9 with speed readings in IAS (Indicated Air Speed) I wonder if the FSCommander default speed reading my be changed to show IAS and thus coincide with FS9. Apologies if the question is not well placed or explained, but any clarification will be much appreciated
  20. My OS is Windows 7 and using Airport Design Editor I have added hundreds of ILS to FS9 stock airports stored in the Add-ons Scenery Area folder with top priority. They are all functional and graphically displayed in FSCommander 9.2. Two airports, changed and stored exactly as those mentioned above, will not display the graphic cone of the ILS approach. Pointing the mouse to these 2 airports the popup menu depicts the ILS, frequency, etc. and yet the graphic display is not shown. Any ideas as to where I have gone wrong or where I should look for my error? The FSC Database has been correctly updated leaving me at a loss trying to understand these 2 unique exceptions to a very large and successful project. Thanks for any assistance. Clarindo
  21. Thanks for the reply, Volker. Yes, I double-checked on that and most of the other airports display the ILS path. Maybe there is something wrong with a few of these airport files. Will keep on trying, because I cannot definitely fly without FSCommander.
  22. Should mention that the FSCommander 9 Database has been duly updated in the repreated attempts to get the ILS paht to display. Thanks.
  23. 1. Just an initial comment - I have purchased FSC9 from Simmarket and received the registration key. Am assuming that a CD version is only available for purchase through Aerosoft, as happened with my prior acquisition of FSC8. 2. Am using Windows 7 and FS9 and have installed FSC9 in a folder other than Program Files. For a fault of mine, obviously, recently added ILS to airports are not being graphically shown even though installed to its proper FS9\Addon Scenery\Scenery files. Interestingly enough, clicking on the single runway in FlightSim Commander 9 will display airport information including the ILS frequency, but no graphic display of the ILS path is shown Also, the GPS window while connected to FS9 will show no ILS available. Thanks a lot for any guidance on this.
  24. Thanks for the information. Have just placed my order for FSCommander 9 with Simmarket.com and will be anxiously waiting for the arrival of this outstanding program.
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