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  1. Burkhardt, I got the software up and running last night. I love the GA and commercial aspects of MyTraffic. Finally, I don't feel as if I'm flying in the wake of the zombie apocalypse! Today, I dropped in on my favorite U.S. military airfields, and I found them surprisingly bereft of their expected traffic. That said, here are some ideas. I know that armed services don't published their flight schedules, but it would make sense to see planes bouncing at some of the following fields and transiting between them: NAS Corpus Christi (KNGP), NAS Pensacola (KNPA), and NAS Whiting Field North (KNSE) all field lots of T-6 Texan IIs (https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=c0W8S0FW&id=071E47EC16BF24ACDE328F9CEEBDA0752E299ECB&q=t-6+texan+ii+navy&simid=608018536959641884&selectedIndex=2&ajaxhist=0). These are training planes, so some of them will always be bouncing in the pattern. NAS Whiting Field South (KNDZ) fields many, many TH-57s (https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=dyCHmoBz&id=8D8540A4B14666FEB6D330A77507FE62362B9417&q=th-57s&simid=608001485938820493&selectedIndex=3&ajaxhist=0). Those planes fly in the pattern at KNDZ. NAS Meridien (KNMM) and Kingsville (KNQI) both field T-45 Goshawks (https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=RKPKFV5h&id=37EAD6D32B56B31ADA091084435E0688F728DF8F&q=nas+meridian+goshawks&simid=608042026137488979&selectedIndex=8&ajaxhist=0). Again, I'd expect to find these in the pattern at these airfields.
  2. *This* is the magic, missing piece I couldn't figure out. *Please* add this to the documentation. Only after doing this did FSX:SE load the scenery and make the .cfg file. Once that happened, *then* I was able to mod the .cfg file with the correct My Traffic directory. That said, I recommend the following additions to the Installation Walkthrough: #1. The bit quoted above, in which you explain how to add the scenery within FSX when selecting the My Traffic folder gives you nothing. #2. How to find the correct .cfg file. As it happens, I'm an airline pilot (who's recovering from surgery and wants to use FSX to keep up my scan). After getting the traffic to work, I flew around La Guardia and Kennedy in a Jet Ranger. All the jets were parked at all the right terminals, and I had fun watching one of my company's airplanes land and taxi to the gate. One thing, though: FSX's KJFK model includes terminals that have been demolished and lacks the new Terminal 4. Assuming I can find an updated airport to download somewhere, will it work with My Traffic's presumably outdated models and gate assignments?
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