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  1. Flap's direct setting

    Hallo Thomas Thank you for taking your time. Unfortunately, this works only partially with my installation. I have the flaps now via "KeyPress" offset 3110-3114 with command 1070 served. I simply simulate the keyboard F5-F8. (Edelbastler-Lösung) Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz Hanspeter
  2. Hi I try to set the flaps via offset: P3D v4.2 FSUIPC5 Baron 58 Offset: 0BDC -> 0x0000 Flaps up 0x2000 Level 1 0x3FFF level 2 Works perfectly with FSX. P3D no action! The offset is set correctly. Where could be the problem ? Kind regards HP
  3. Prepare3d KeyupKeydown

    ......tadaaaaaa Works perfectly in FSX and P3D ... Many Thanks H.P.
  4. Prepare3d KeyupKeydown

    Hi I have not yet reached countable results regarding key transfer. But what would lead me quickly to the goal would be a concrete example: How would the 8-byte (3110) record look with the following function: Key Press and Release (1070) shift + K I thank you for the effort. Greeting H.P.
  5. Prepare3d KeyupKeydown

    Aha .. now it is slowly logical. Yes exactly. This way is the best. The direct Windows functions regarding keyboard via my VB6 program are obviously suppressed in the P3D. I think the problem is solved in the approach. Many Thanks H.P.
  6. Prepare3d KeyupKeydown

    I think it is the best when I explain the problem more precisely. Basically, the keystroke function is only a nice accessory. We develop and manufacture motion platforms (2DOF, 3DOF) and corresponding controllers and softwares. Your ingenious development of the FSUIPC has brought great relief.. Thanks ! The controllers for the servo motors (HIM, Siemens etc.) communicate mainly via Ethernet, RS485 or RS232 with protocols TPC / IP or ProfiBUS. In the FS computer (along with FSUIPC) is running our interface module called "cockBIT" (a VB6 program included Visual Basic <-> FSUIPC / WideFS Communication version 1.005 FSUIPC SDK) . This allows keyup keydown functions via FSUIPC. CockBIT reads all data required for the motion via FSUIPC and calculates the motion characteristic. This is communicated via profiBUS (Siemens) to the servo controller (bank, pitch etc.). That all works perfectly. To have a better order in the (moving) cockpit we installed a small alfa-numeric keyboard in the B737 "outfit" . Via the same communication (same as Motion) the keyboard sends its identification (I am the special keyboard and on me the key 5 was pressed). CockBIT converts this information into a KeyUP or KeyDOWN function. This is used to make airfield names or other small entries in the FS windows. Or the Motion Controller has the possibility to trigger keyboard-based functions. That's all. But the question remains. Why does not it work under prepar3D? Has something changed in the fsuipc_sdk with regard to prepare3D? The version is still 1,005! The science does not ask "why", but only "how". But I'm interested in to know "why". Greatings H.P.
  7. Prepare3d KeyupKeydown

    Sorry too! I try nothing !The key transfer in this way has been running for 18 years in 35 FSX Simis without problems. Only with prepare3D does not work. There must be a difference between FSX and prepare3D. This affects Windows NT. H.P.
  8. Prepare3d KeyupKeydown

    The problem is not the allocation of a key. The FSUIPC window (key presses) I use only to test whether the keystroke is recognized. The real problem is: why the key sendet by the VB.6 program (keybd_event) does not find the way into the FSUIPC (only in prepare3D !). FSUIPC version 4.962 Prepare3D Simconnect VB.6 8176 I had no problems of this kind with all MS Simis. In the Appendix: VB.6 Program Extraction Greatings H.P. VB Program Extraction ' *************************** Keys ******************************** Public Sub KeyDown(ByVal vKey As KeyCodeConstants) keybd_event vKey, 0, 0, 0 End Sub Public Sub KeyUp(ByVal vKey As KeyCodeConstants) keybd_event vKey, 0, 2, 0 End Sub keybd_event The keybd_event function synthesizes a keystroke. The system can use such a synthesized keystroke to generate a WM_KEYUP or WM_KEYDOWN message. The keyboard driver's interrupt handler calls the keybd_event function. Windows NT: This function has been superseded. Use SendInput instead. VOID ( BYTE bVk, // virtual-key code BYTE bScan, // hardware scan code DWORD dwFlags, // flags specifying various function options DWORD dwExtraInfo // additional data associated with keystroke );
  9. Hi Configuration: Win7 FSUIPC (version 4.96) prepar3D V1,V2,V3 For my program development I use VB.6 included FSUIPC SDK. I need KeyUP and KeyDown to simulate keystrokes. In FSX no Problems. In prepar3D the values FSUIPC and FS never reach. The simple test: In the FSUIPC module, I choose "Key Presses" then "Set". So, now I send via my program for example a "K". Under FSX the sent "K" appears in the input field like a keyboard input. Under prepar3D nothing appears. Where does the button hang? Greeting