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  1. i recently purchased tracon 2012 from simmarket. program starts install of tracon2012 sp1a but fails with message newer version of c++ redistributable is installed on my pc. how do i overcome this? ive looked on microsoft site but unsure if im supposed to download older version of c++ but which one? my pc is win 10 pro64 bit fully updated from microsoft. 4ghz i7 nvidia 980ti 32gb ram can anyone help please
  2. all ok now thanks volker. as i suspected it was a problem with my pc the weather download was being blocked by windows7 firewall. ive allowed the weather url through the firewall and all is fine g-bobb
  3. hi volker,sascha im having trouble downloading the online weather on a new install of FSC 8.6 vatsim downloads ok. the program runs ok ive checked the user manual version 8.6 page 101 and my options\downloads screen is exactly as shown in the manual is the http://tgft.nws.noaa.......... URL still the corect site ? if so,then i must have a firewall blocking problem thanks win7 64 ultimate I5 750 cpu 8 gig ram ati5870 graphics fsuipc ver4.60a FSX FSC ver 8.6
  4. did you unzip the airac file first.? you need to unzip the LEVELD_0911.zip into a temporay folder. then you should have LEVELD_0911.exe (note its .exe not zip) then double click the LEVELD_0911.exe file. select your FSC folder when asked and it will install the airac. if it still doesnt work then you may have file permission problem are you xp vista or win7 and 32 or 64 bit? good luck
  5. yes gmap works across a network. on the other point. FSC is designed as flight planning software, not really VFR sightseeing i agree with sascha, and fsc is great for what it is. luckily the widgets guys have enabled the fs9 flyers to enjoy VFR moving maps, as fsx flyers have been for some time. so were sorted for all types of flying, thanks to those clever programmers.
  6. thanks for the info ref gmap ive used it with FSX for quite a while now. im glad to hear a version for fs9 is now available ill pass this on to my fs9 buddies. g-bobb
  7. with msofts aces studio shutdown ,it means FSX is with us for some time to come. theirfore nows a good time to upgrade to FSX and then you can also benefit from GMap. + the horizon vfr scenery is more detailed than the fs9 version, and gary summons vfr airports are now redone for FSX
  8. i second pipeorgans post. www.fswidgets.com has the free GMap software (FSX only) its a 'moving' google earth map with your aircraft in the centre. it can overlay roads and terrain it also names the towns and villages etc. its perfect for VFR flying. i had fsnav but much prefer fs commander.
  9. you got it right when you said 'msoft marketing'. thats exactly what win7 is,a marketing ploy dont get me wrong, im not trying to rubbish win7 as its very good and much better than vista, im just making the point that if win 7 was a brand new OS, then it would have had build numbers starting with a 7.x.xx it still has 6.1.7100 ,so win7 is still a repair/fix of vista. but hey, if you can get it stateside for $50 your a lucky man. over here in UK it will be more like $100. regarding your main problem,i doubt if FSC will be the problem, ive never had any trouble with FSC in either XP or 64bit vista are you running 32 or 64bit Win7? g-bobb
  10. ref 'my notation WIN7 is NOT vista' sorry to dissapoint but, win7 is really an upgrade of vista (click start,run and type winver into the box) xp=ver5.xx vista=ver6.0.xx win7= ver6.1. xxxx where xxx is the build number. ie vista and win 7 are based on the same ver 6 OS kernal so should work the same. win 7 uses a later build of the version 6 OS kernal. release candidate1 is build version 6.1.7100 it has had the vista duff bits removed, and the missing vista bits put back. this makes it a much better OS because msoft have listened to the fallout from vista and fixed it. i have heard good things about win7. nb from 1st march 2010 the freewin7 RC1 will start rebooting every 2 hours to make you purchase. it will expire completely 1st july 2010. ie if you play with win7 now, be prepared to pay through the nose for it later. im sticking with 64 bit vista cos its now matured and works fine for me. its also getting cheaper to buy.
  11. update for matroxtriplehead2go fans ive finally purchased my trip2go it runs on my 64bit vista across 3 x19inch screens i set the taskbar to 'hide' as in my prev post also i set colors to 16bit ,cos difference beween 16 and 32 bit color isnt much but it relieves pressure on the graphics card. this has allowed me to run FSX across the 3 screens in 1280x1024 resolution per monitor =3840x1024 i can also run FSC, fswidgets ,and teamspeak on a 4th monitor, and i still acheive 33fps in FSX (shiftX shows frame rate) FSX does need to be run in windowed mode for the 4th monitor to display, (this is a limitation of microsoft windowsOS) g-bobb vista64bit,8800gts,core2E6600,4gig ram,trackir4,goflight modules,
  12. FSC definatly works in 64bit vista. however it is important to install with full admin rights. ie d/load the fsc8.5.zip unzip it to temp folder. rightclick the fscsetup.exe file click properties and compatability tab tick the box 'run as administrator' now doubleclick the fscsetup and allow install to run. when completed go to the FSC folder( c:programfiles(x86)\FSC now rightclick and do the 'run as admin' to the two main files. fsc85.exe dbmgr85.exe do the same to the icons on your dektop for the two files. click the dbmgr icon and allow it to complete its FSX/fs2004 searching(only needs doing once) all should then be ok to run FSC with fsx or fs2004. [if you forget the run as admin fix you will probally get error messages or access denied messages.] start fsx then fsc remember to click on the GPS tab and select 'connect to fs' or your aircraft wont appear on the display. i dont use radar contact so dont know anout that. hope this helps
  13. ref 'run as admin' dont right click the icon, go to the FSC folder find the dbasemgr.exe file and right click it click the compatability tab at the top. now tick the run as admin box at the bottom and apply. do the same for the main fsc file 8.5.exe. this will run both FSC and database files as an admin. another tip used is to temporaily turn off UAC (user account control) while installing programs. click start, control panel and users icon click turn off UAC turn it back on after install is complete. vista is very security minded and will block access to files. if your really adventerous you can right click a file and properties. you will see which users have privileges to either read, write or execute the file. dont fiddle if unsure, however if you get the dreaded access denied message give all priveliges to all users to the offending file and it will probally work. vista 64bit,FSX,8800GTS graphics,goflight hardware.FSC all works fine for me now
  14. are you running XP ,vista, or vista 64bit? whatever OS you have, you must be logged in as administrator when installing, or your files may be denied access to the folders its creating. please advise which OS your on for further help. FSC ran fine on my XP machine, and now it runs fine on my 64bit vista machine so, you will get it working eventually.
  15. are you saying you installed FSC while logged in as administrator? or you gave the file admin rights. to install corectly on vista you need to be logged onto vista with an administrator account uninstall the non working FSC. then check that the FSC folder is gone, with windows explorer . go to the vista control panel and click the 'user ,account control' icon temporarily turn off UAC next, unzip the 8.5.zip to a temp directory. then highlight and right click the setup file 8.5.exe. select compatability tab, then tick the 'run as administrator' box at the bottom (do not tick the run in xp mode option at the top) now doubleclick and install FSC once installed, navigate to the FSC folder highlight the fsc8.5.exe icon and ensure that it is ticked run as admin highlight the dbmanager 8,5 icon and do the same. do the same with the icons placed onto your desktop next run the dbmanager to allow it to find and link itself to fs2004. then start fs2004, next start FSC. if all ok then dont forget to turn UAC back on. if still no good, tehn in a vista searchbox type DEP and follow its instuctions to turn off DEP for fs2004 and FSC and any other programs /addons your using with fs2004 i run vista 64bit no probs with fs2004 and now FSX FSC goflight controls. for more details on UAC and DEP use the search box (at the top of this page) within these forums. g-bobb
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