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  1. Hi all, I am trying to use offsets, I looked through all the staff that I found about it... but I am lost... So, I would be very kind, if I would get a little help... I tried to use the example above. I used the key "8", used <custom control> and "70320". I put in Parameter 1, when key pressed. So far so good... it worked... But now I have to questions... Is it possible to use values, that I can use the key "8" for both positions (cutoff and idle). When I set the other parameter (0 or 1) when key released the it works (of course) when I hold down the key.. and when I release it, it flips back in the earlier position (I understand, why it does it). So is it possible to say: 8 pressed -> cuttoff -> 8 released stay cuttoff -> 8 pressed again -> idle -> 8 released -> idle Is that possible or do I have to use another key, 9 for example? Second question: I have looked in many manuals concerning offsets, but I never found that number (70320) - so where can I find this parameters? So I hope someone can bring me some light in the dark (I hope I can write it in that way, in german it fits perfect ;) ) By and thx Joachim EDKB
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