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  1. Just want to thank for the advise Burkhard. Frame rates went up where they belong. :D I set the texture value as suggested and added the max load line there. Also lowered the traffic level to 20, but with that the airports were just as crowded as I want them to be. Love to see and hear those real airlines. Oooh I love this :lol: First time it is nice to make some tours around the world. No more those landmark airlines etc... Oooh :lol: Thans again ! P.S. Did I mentionOooh ! :wink:
  2. Ok, thanks for the quick reply. I try to solve the problem as discussed in the other thread.
  3. I bought MT2006 yesterday (boxed edition). This was my first AI traffic program an I must say that I was really disappointed about the stutter. But after reading this thread it seems that it has only occurred recently. First I thought that it was because of the immense traffic density. So I lowered the density to 55%. The density went down, but stutter didn't change much. So I started to make environment ugly for the sake of flyability. Everything down...looks ugly but framerates were slightly better. Ok, when approaching Washington airport (Ronald Reagan) the stutter started again. Obviously it was because of the huge traffic around the airport. :shock: So is there going to be anything to be done other than removing the product. :cry: What about the installation procedure ? It asked me if it could make own core.dll and I allowed MT2006 to do it. Also it made own sound enhancements (what are they) and some environment graphics. Did I do something wrong ? :( My system was defragged and clean installation of MS FS 9.1 + MS2006 + PMDG 737-800/900 (boxed) + Scandinavian airports 2. System specs are: Intel P4 HT + 1Gb RAM (HyperX 400MHz) + Ati Radeon X800 xt pe :!: No stutter with other sw on disk and no stutter with MS FS before MT2006 :!:
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