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  1. Thanks K1408 .....,I do have speech working now but only in a tutorial at st thomas ......it doesnt seem to work in the other airports Is this the game or computer getting used to my voice????? Also.....are you sure SR is built in to Tower 3D Pro....without any other software as I have speech SDK On my computer and I think that may be what I am using
  2. Anyone know why I cant give voice commands on Tower 3D Pro...? I have set the headset as default and I am getting tower in the earphones but I am unable to give voice commands Is there any other keys I should be using? I am trying just speaking I am trying clicking and holding on the speech microphone and then pressing send but nothing happens Any advice guys?????
  3. so when they strongly advise that you download to desktop on every single link they send,,,,,,are they taking the piss?????? its ridiculous ...ive tried downloading to every directory under the sun....including the one above i had everything before Pro came ....why could they not just add Pro to the game instead of all this palava???
  4. Hi. Ive purchased Tower 3D Pro Ive added all airports and real traffic but real color does not come as a zip for the updated Pro version Please help
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