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  1. Sorry about that. Just testing that I have got this procedure right I have attached a zip folder containing the files again. Cheers John 7 log ini txt files 25-04-2017.zip
  2. These are attached. I will be in Auckland today, and will get back to you later this afternoon. Thank you John 3- Log file after first session.log 6 - Log file after second session.log 4- REG file after 1st session.txt 7- REG file after second session.txt 1- REG export from before anything.txt 2 - INI file after first good session.ini 5 - INI file after second bad session.ini
  3. I deleted the 0.GUID= and 1.GUID=lines in my FSUIPC4.INI file's [JoyNames] section. Positive results - fantastic. The Throttle and stick axes and buttons are showing up. However after shutting down P3D and starting it up again throttle and stick problems again. The GUID lines have returned. I am somewhat confused with the results and need to spend time looking at it and I am tired after today's activities and need to go to bed. I will get back to you again tomorrow Pete. Thank you. Progress is being made. John
  4. Pete Attached is the folder with the 3 files. Trust they are ok. John FSUIPC4.log Johns Current User PP Reg File.txt Johns LocalMachine PP Regfile.txt
  5. Thank you for your work on this problem Pete. I apologize for not being experienced with software workings but am trying to do my best here. I did try quite a few buttons on the throttle and stick on the buttons and switches page and also different axis on the axis assignment page. I expect the program to pick up the buttons and switches automatically - is that correct? It does only on the rudder axis. I was trying to not make the log too long though. Does the log not show any buttons, switches or axis being selected? Maybe it won't if it doesn't see the controls. I have changed the LogExtras line n the INI to LogExtras=x201000 What do you mean by this phrase? Let me know and I will try another log for you. John
  6. Attached is a copy of the last session .ini John FSUIPC4.ini
  7. There is no response to buttons or switches being used by either the throttle or stick (the rudder doesn't have any) in the buttons or switches tab. There is no response, except by the rudder, in the Axis Assignment tab, the Joy# shows as 0 and the Axis# shows X. Ok and Log attached. Thank you. Sorry the attached file failed - "There was a problem processing the uploaded file. Please contact us for assistance". John
  8. I uninstalled as you suggested and re-booted and let windows find and install the drivers. I checked that they had been installed in device drivers and ready - all ok. No software installed. Back into P3D, checked the controller was disabled and then into FSUIPC and again nothing. Frustrating. I attach the .install and .ini logs John FSUIPC4 Install.log FSUIPC4.ini
  9. Hi Pete The controllers were definitely disabled in the sim and there is only one Modules folder. I have now installed the latest 4966c and the throttle and stick controls are still not being seen in FSUIPC4. I feel that you are right in that something else may be affecting or interfering such as a third party program. I do not want to go and do something stupid deleting things without good reason. It may not be the norm but I did in fact download FSUIPC4 after the purchase. I had spent some time viewing the forum, problems and comments and solutions before deciding to go ahead with the purchase. Would a good suggestion to start with be to do a complete uninstall of the X55 controls, drivers and software followed by a reinstall. P3D is seeing the controls ok and they are responding ok when flying. I am not good at working in the Registry area and therefore not too sure when and if items here should be deleted I appreciate your help and extreme patience when dealing with people like myself not experienced in the technical side of software. Thank you. John
  10. Thanks for the quick reply. I thought I would have had the latest as I only bought it on the 15 April. I have copied the file down to the modules folder as suggested. I did already have the controllers disabled in the Control Settings page, sorry I should have mentioned that. The buttons and switches pages and also the axes pages are still not showing any responses to actions on the throttles, stick controls. I have the aircraft loaded at an airport when accessing fsuipc. John
  11. Hi I have just installed the latest P3D and FSUIPC4 programs together with the Saitek Proflight X55 Rhino throttle, stick and rudder controls. On the FSUIPC options buttons and axes pages the controls are not being recognized. But they are on the calibration page. I have attached the .log and .ini files. Your assistance would be very much appreciated thank you. John FSUIPC4.ini FSUIPC4.log
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