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  1. I am operating under Windows XP so I did not follow the instruction in the document you reference to install FSC on a different drive or at least in a different folder. But based on your message I did so and an FSDatabase Manager magically appeared and I was able to install FSC. THere was an error from Windows, I think: Error 1904: Module C:windows\system32\ieframe.dll failed to register. HRESULT -2147467265. Contact your support personnel. However, I just clicked Ignore and the installation completed. I will test soon what new navaids, intersections, etc., there are. THanks for your help. (Suggestion: Rename the document above to refer to Windows XP in the title too.) John
  2. I have downloaded the ZIP installation package for FS Commander 9.6 Rev 8. Here are the files it contained: Directory of C:\ASAFS 05/28/2017 09:30 PM <DIR> . 05/28/2017 09:30 PM <DIR> .. 05/28/2017 09:28 PM 4,527,731 FlightSim Commander Update 9.2 - 9.6 Rev. 8 - Supplement to the Manual 9.x - Suppl‚ment au manuel 9.x - Nachtrag zum Handbuch 9.x.pdf 05/28/2017 09:28 PM 236 FS Commander Support Forum - The simFlight Network Forums.url 05/28/2017 09:28 PM 5,591,040 FSC.exe 05/28/2017 09:28 PM 48,942,466 FSC.pdf 05/28/2017 09:28 PM 4,982 FSC96.8_readme_Full_Installation.pdf 05/28/2017 09:28 PM 111,566,336 FSC9Setup.exe 05/28/2017 09:28 PM 11,862 ReadMe_all_Norton_User_before_Install.pdf 05/28/2017 09:28 PM 24,926 Registration failure_some solution.pdf 05/28/2017 09:28 PM 47,264 Vista and Windows 7_8_10 users please read.pdf There is no FSDatabaseManager included. As a result the FS Commander Package cannot be installed. What should I do? Thanks, John
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