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  1. Good evening Sabrefly ! Yes it can run on a WideClient PC, don't forget to install FSUIPC before at http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html You can download the latest version v 1.01 of VirtuaFlight with the full options and the latest features here at : http://virtuaflight.com New versions are continuously posted on VirtuaFlight website at : http://virtuaflight.com and GitHub https://github.com/lord128/VirtuaFlight Its an open free source and if you are a developper please join to the community, we will be delighted to welcome you on board ! Open Source Code can be downloaded here : https://github.com/lord128/VirtuaFlight
  2. Dear All flight sim players ! Virtuaflight is a simple interface that allows you to manage your virtual simulation flight as realistically as possible ! Virtuaflight simply connects to your flight simulator and uses this data to constantly update text files as refreshed stream flight labels. If you wish to broadcast flight parameters to your Live Stream (Twitch for example) from output text files and constantly refreshed, then you need OBS Studio or an equivalent interface. OBS Studio is an open source for free broadcasting parameters suite which Virtuaflight supports. OBS can be downloaded from https://www.obsproject.com Free Open Source of VirtuaFlight available at : https://github.com/lord128/VirtuaFlight http://virtuaflight.com
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