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  1. Yes it was the autorudder doing it thanks problem solved.
  2. Ah ok I’ll have to switch that off then and see. Thanks!
  3. Good day Pete, I just got a quick question here about alierons and the nosewheel on the PMDG NGX. My situation is I’ve disabled all controls in Prepared and set up my yoke to control the alierons and I sent it as FSUIPC calibration. Now when I’m taxing and I turn my yoke to check the alierons the nosewheel turns too. Is this normal or not. Thanks
  4. Hey Pete you say your working on a newer version?
  5. Pete I did what Grapeno1 did in device manager and mine is working fine too now thank you for your time guys
  6. Ok will do as soon as I can I'm busy today but tonight I'll send it thanks
  7. I'm using a joystick Pete Thrustmaster Hotas X but I've tried with it hooked up and disconnected
  8. OK Pete here you for HidScanner results see attached HidScanner.log
  9. Here is my log and files FSUIPC5.log FSUIPC5.DLL FSUIPC5.ini
  10. Ok I'm off work now so as soon as I get home and get my PC fired up I'll post my files another hour before I get to post
  11. What type of Joystick do you have I have the Thrustmaster hotas X
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